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Would resetting boosts at the end of every season improve arena?

IMO it would because it gives me the option to switch my team up every month. Right now, I can never bring in another dino because it’ll take months just to apply enough boosts to make it viable. I’m basically stuck with my team of 8 at this point.

  • Yes, resetting boosts would be great
  • No, once a boost is applied it should stay there

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Yes, but there is a second part missing:

Will resetting boosts every month be a loss in profit for Ludia? Yes.

As a business, it would not be wise for them to change this.

But, they could change it so that to remove boosts early you had to pay or something…but still, I doubt they would make as much.

if they nerf any dinos then they should reset, but they are offering 50% rollback so i doubt it.

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Complete truth right there.

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I don’t think it would actually help anything. Yes, i’d like a boost reset every once in a while, but people will boost what is currently relevant and/ or tried and true.

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I clicked no by accident. I wish I could revote.

You kinda have a point but I generally disagree, since the total number of boosts that can be applied can still be increased by buying from store. The only way they would ‘lose’ out is from the players who ‘refund’ their boosts at half value to apply them elsewhere. And I doubt anyone in their right mind would do that much.

“but people will boost what is currently relevant”

That is the point though right? That is why it would help. So someone is not stuck out with something boosted that is not relevant.

That is the reason I say it would help.

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LOL, I was thinking to myself “why”…??

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thats 1k cash to regain the other 50% from the store so its still a profit to them because of need. not everyone thinks like us or cares about money lost so it wouldnt surprise me to see people doing this.

The only thing it won’t help with are the boost mascots. Those will still be there unless nerfed quite heavily.

True. I guess Ludia has to weigh short-term profits vs player retention and enthusiasm.

Aaaand as I type that, I already realize it’s a lost cause lmao

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I don’t understand your stance. If they nerf something, and you had put boosts on that dino in one state, then that state changes, it nullifies your decisions because those boosts are on a dino that you no longer want them on due to the nerf. If they lessen a dino, then you should get refunded to use those boosts elsewhere. I don’t understand what buying boosts does to negate that loss.

Maybe I am not understanding what you were saying.

I meant the total number of boosts that can be applied. Like if I have 20 speed, 24 damage, 25 health boosts spread out between my 8 dinos. At the end of the season when it’s reset, I can only re-apply the same number of boosts. What I meant is, Ludia can still sell boosts and make a profit from players as they would want to increase that total.

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OK. Yeah I agree with that.

I also see that they would possibly lose some sales in that people would be able to reapply over having to take a loss…which is what Pateradactyl was mentioning.

players lose 1000k when doing a rollback. id rather wait for a reset every patch and save that 1k and thats only one tier. thats all im saying. if i need more money then i have to hit up ludia.

I clicked no because every time there is a reset we the player get hosed. It would never benefit the players with a reset.

Correct, in this scenario the only people who would get a refund at half value would be people who applied a boost by mistake, or people who want to change it up mid-season. So Ludia would lose some in the short-term. But on the flip side, end-game players will not be stuck with the same 8 dinos and the increased variability in arena would help keep the game interesting for longer.

The number of boosts post-reset would be the same as whatever was applied. And the boost tiers wouldn’t change either (IMO the current progression is good), so it won’t be like this last time where we got screwed over on value.

a reset would be best for us but for ludia, they create more need by not doing so.