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Would you bench a fully boosted lvl 30 Magna for a partially boosted lvl 28 Phourex?

I’m sticking with purple pain, but can I get a second opinion. Thanks!

I am not the best to give opinion simply because I only played with both for a few battles. But I would go with Prex simply due to the fact it can counter swaps and can deal massive damage if it can survive till turn 3

I would say it depends how lightly boosted is the phorurex. But most likely it will be better to bench magna, It’s just a one hit wonder now.


No. Fully boosted Magna is such a pain to deal with


I stay Magna in your scenario. A fully boosted Pho is a different story.


I personally would say Prex, but best way to figure it out for your style of play is to just try it. If it works for you, awesome, if not, then stick to Magna for now.

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Yes you should. Just refund all of your boosts from magna and put them on prex. Also please dont report me for necro posting im just trying to help