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Would you deal with this?

You have a spinoraptor level 15. Your opponent summons in with a sarcosuchus Level 5. Deal with it, Or exit JW:TG and rejoin so that it won’t do the battle for you?

Don’t see the reason of exiting, pretty easy match.


it dies in 2 hits and you can take 3 lol


Yes not a great problem.

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Would you Deal with THIS:

Your main team Is: Kaprosuchus Level 30, Alangasaurus Level 20, Superanotitan Level 20.

Their alliance: Gorgosuchus Level 11, Spinoraptor Level 40, Carnoraptor level 20.

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Are you serious. I don’t believe that happened. That is what I come up against and i have a lvl 19 indom rex g2

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Fight, because giving up has no advantage!
We must at least try!

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By the way that kapro supera and alanga is my main team (I suck im level 26)

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Wait, Suprannotitan at level 26? How did you get it? I thought both Supersaurus and Tyrannotitan were not in rotation

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It’s Superasaurus.

Oh and I got Superasaurus to level 20 because I won two in different packs.