Would you guys do me a favor?

If you have Indoraptor in Sorna Marshes, can you START the battle with her so we don’t waste our time fighting with other dinos and I don’t delude myself thinking I can win? Thanks! =)


Same goes for the Ruins.

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Slow her down and stun her. There are surprisingly lots of counters for her.


Really? Well I don’t think I have those counters… Stegocera is the only one I have that can slow and stun, but it’s not strong enough =/

It might take you 2 djnos to take it down, but it’s still possible to win. I’ve beaten it with my Sucho and you can even use Stegod if you use it correctly.


I created indoraptor after I hit 4700 trophies. Use appropriate counters to it will give you a better chance. Apparently the easiest to get counters are tany and sucho. Monomimus is a bit harder to level up but is a great one. Stegod and Ankentro can also be counter if played right but may not be as reliable as the ones mentioned above. Pyrritator is also a counter with a high chance of winning against indo.


That’s why I said Sorna Marshes… I imagine other uniques and strong legendaries can counter Indo, but most of us don’t have those below 4000 trophies… considering Indo is at least level 21, it’s extremely OP in the marshes

Well, but that’s life… I don’t even get mad when I lose to her… I’m like: “Oh, an Indoraptor… ok I’m dead” =D

Until I got my own Indoraptor scared me… now I know how to counter him (the only male BTW), and so can you.

He’s not immune, so slow, stun or wound him. Drop evasive with nullifying (Monostego or Tany). And hit him hard… my Pyrritator hits through evasive more than RNG should allow (Velociraptor or I Rex are other examples).

With apologies to my Indoraptor (now I feel like a traitor :neutral_face:), but I hope it helps anyone who first encounters his cousins!


Get a monomimus or level up your tany. They combine the best of efficiency and economic as counters to indoraptor.

Gota a monomimus… and then comes the update :cry: