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Would you guys like to see Baby blue and the other babies come to the game?



More Like a mini game where you have to take Care off Them, when they grow Big you could get DNA :grin:


no. i don’t think raptors were actually broken. what was broken was there were 15 in the game and you could make entire teams out of them. we do not need anymore.


I didn’t say raptors were broken and I said baby Dinos in general


I think it would be interesting if a little tricky to work them into gameplay. Maybe we find eggs around the map in the same way we find dinos then through some process (steps walked or some other metric) we raise them from hatchling to adult. Once they are adult you gain a guaranteed amount of DNA equal to the creation level of the dino (50 for common, 100 for rare, 150 for epic, etc).


I like having baby dinosaurs in the game. I can’t find the post again but someone had a great idea for an event with dinosaur nests. When you try to take an egg you have to battle the adult. Such as one for commons, two for rare, and three for epics. After they could have us either give the baby to the dpg for DNA or


Or get eaten :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::joy::joy::joy::joy:


No. (20 characters…)


I agree (30 characters) I’m a bigger character than you :joy::joy:


I feel like it’s just adding more stuff that’s unnecessary tbh


Yup (40 characters).


We have plenty to do at the moment! Besides I don’t want to take care of anything at this time!Especially not baby dinosaurs :joy:

Waking up in the middle of the night to change Dino diapers! Worrying when they go off to school! How to bring up the birds and the bees!

Than they leave home and you never hear from them unless they need money!


Exactly i have enough responsibilities


Doesn’t the game have enough Dino’s already? No offence, but a blue against half of the Dino’s just gets eaten alive…


Well to be honest, the whole “birds and the bees” discussion would go a lot smoother with dinos.
Birds - do eat, bees - don’t eat. :smile:


Then don’t worry about it. If they ever implement this or anything else you find unnecessary just stick to the parts of the game that you like. It’s an addition to try and keep the game interesting and shouldn’t interfere with the basic game play of darting and/or battling.


Loooool err it’s called expressing an opinion… That’s what forums are about :slight_smile:


Yes yes yes indeed I like the names ones


Oh sorry for breathing :roll_eyes:


I would like a feature where I get to feed my Dino and train it with the moves I want it to have.