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Would you like to know who you're battling - WHILE you battle them?

I kind of would… It’s always bothered me a little that you only learn who you were fighting after it’s over.

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No definitely not :joy::joy:

In all seriosuness,
I wouldn’t it would effect the way i battle,
If i knew it was someone i knew I’d be less inclined to dc them,

Or if i knew they where on a losing streak theres a chance I’d give them the win…

Although there’s alot of people who know there battling me when my tuora plods out :joy::joy:

My answer is a qualified “no,” since I think the game is exciting in trying to read your opponent with very little info to guide you. Variations in time between attacks; the mind games in battles with Tryk or Dioraja, or whether to use Cleanse now or later with Indo; delays when you introduce your OP beast; swaps; opener dinos, etc. It’s a good part of the game.

It’s a qualified “no,” though, because there are a few key areas where some knowledge of your opponent could be additive to the game. For example, I’ve thought of this as a mitigant to the great parasite (DC): that even knowing just the opponent’s name could help you to strategize. In fact, I think it’d be a good way to make this game more strategic overall, especially if you’re able to consistently outplay another opponent.

It would be neat if there were a way to have double-elimination tourneys, where you’d have seedings, and you’d play multiple rounds against the same player, but I can’t see how that could ever work in a MMO like this. There’s no scheduling, along with a dozen other problems.

No, because all it would take for some is for you to win a previous match against them using a tactic they don’t like (Draco, cloak, Thor, etc.) and then they’ll probably leave you hanging out of spite, or wait until the last second.

Not all players would do that, of course. But some would.

Personally I would really like the ability to chat with the opponent to tell them how their strategy is. Just positive feedback😏

Probably not a good idea coz you would have players seeing someone they hate and doing things like time wasting to get back at them for a previous loss.

Or letting their friends win and so on.

Tbh I don’t look at the persons name after the match, I Instantly click it away before I can see it.

No, for the same reasons mentioned above (letting someone you know win, getting even, etc. I usually check my opponents’ names and remember them).

But it would be good to be able to send a message if we can’t do so otherwise. It would have to be a nice one of course :wink:

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If we could see who we were battling, it could lead to game tanking to help push someone higher. It’s been mentioned in the past that some alliances use a live chat to try to tell if they are playing against each other to help push someone higher during tournaments.

I have no idea if this was true, but knowing who you are battling during the battle could make this type of collusion easier.

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People tend to not change.
It would help in the Tryko Vs. Indo standoff and similar situations.
Course it could help them too if they remember me.