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Would you like to see an arena balancing update before Season 7 arrives?

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No need for new features or anything like that; maybe a 1.6.5 update of sorts buffing some of the lesser Uniques and Legendaries to increase diversity in the arena whilst slightly nerfing some of the more overpowered dinos (looking at you, Procerathomimus. How the heck are you better than Monomimus in basically every aspect?)


I just want 1.7 lol

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The trophy system could use some balancing. Losing 50+ trophies to some lucky dodges is getting old. And how many trophies would you get if you beat someone that takes that many? Probably 5 or less. Stop this nonsense and fix it. If i was prompted before the match with a notification saying, “You can potentially gain 5 trophies or lose 55 in this match. Proceed?”, i would decline that offer every time.


What @TheMaxx said!


Yep 1.6 it was a complete disaster in the pvp, at least for me, unbalanced dinos, their new unique flying hybrids, are not efficient at all, bad balance, tarbo 109 speed, and dioraja 108
this only makes us think, ludia does not take the balance seriously, does not think that other creatures will be, of course we need the 1.6.5… 1.7 should cover more new content in JWA


I’m still hunting DNA so want rotation of zones to be in 1.7. I don’t want to wait 6 months for hunting to improve. In my opinion battles seem less broken than spawning.


I think the current meta is not that bad. Only one thing regarding dinos HAS TO change: swap in DSR needs to go. Of course there are some dinos that might need a slight buff/nerf, but this is like the oustanding dino, that is completly out of balance. Even though I fear that Ludia will implement something even worse, they have always been good in not understanding the balancing of there very own game.

For the arena itself I’d like to see a lvl cap for each arena. No dinos allowed that are above or below - of course in between a certain range. Also the option to chose between tournament and casual battles would be nice. Losing streaks won’t be that annoying anymore if you just battle for incubators.

But in the end all we will get is season 7, so…


Personally, in my opinion, if the trophy level of your opponent was really so high/so low that you/they would only be earning 5 trophies from a win, the battle shouldn’t take place at all. In my opinion, the trophy gain/loss range should be capped at +/- 40; anything beyond that is really ridiculous as it’s a clearly unfair matchup and it presents too much risk in the current meta during Seasons for top 500/near top 500 players.


Personally, I think if you buffed the pinning/lockdown creatures, especially the Legendary and Unique ones, Dracoceratops would be slightly less of a headache.
Of all the pinning/lockdown Legendary/Unique creatures, only Gigaspika and Dioraja are anywhere near meta-viable, and even then they come with significant opportunity costs and risks (being solely tanks in a meta, which, at the top tier, is dominated by DoT creatures and theropods).
Another fix would be to create a Team Preview, which would enable actual counterplay to Dracoceratops. Oftentimes, when one of my creatures is at middle/low health, I have no idea whether to swap it out or not, risking my opponent delivering a powerful blow to my swapped in creature in the processs. While Swap in Invincibility can somewhat prevent this, 1) Shattering Rampage/Nullifying attacks are all over the arena nowadays and 2) the creatures who do have Swap in Invinciblity are fairly weak in the current meta (see above about being tanks).
On the other hand, if I knew my opponent had Dracoceratops, I would be able to actually judge the opportunity cost of swapping out vs staying in, rather than either a) hoping my opponent doesn’t have Dracoceratops and using an attack or b) swapping out, hoping my opponent DOES have Dracoceratops AND swaps it in, opening myself to a late-game reversal.
One of my biggest problems with Dracoceratops is that it’s basically unable to be planned-for; from my point of view, whether or not the opponent has Dracoceratops is essentially random. Thus, I have to effectively bet on using certain creatures at certain times e.g. should I bring out Dioraja now to activate Swap in Ferocity, counter attack and finish off a weakened Dioraja with only its Pinning Strike left (or keep my Dioraja in case of Dracoceratops) should I use Erlidominus now to kill this Diloracheirus, or save it in case a Dracoceratops comes out etc etc. This adds too much random chance and guesswork to a game which already has lots of it, and places the outcome of the battle in the player’s random, unstrategic bet, which is very frustrating when the player loses.


Even if the pinning creatures were better, you’d still have to create and/or level them high enough, before they finally become useful. In the meantime nothing changes. Don’t think it soves the problem.

I think the problem is not even killing Dracocera after it hit, the problem is that it can’t be distracted or prevented from hitting. You will be hit with up to 2000 damage. Through armor and through shield (if you are lucky you can dodge it, but that’s very situational).

Knowing it was on your opponents team would help to plan around it, but it still wouldn’t solve the problem. I guess I even prefer not knowing, don’t like the mindgame when it will finally be swapped in.

You made some good points, but I still don’t think there is any other way than to nerf the SI-DSR itself. The arena has become so dull, just get rid of it and have more fun and strategic battles again. There is already enough anger potential in the battles, no need to push it further.


I agree. You can be in the middle of a fun intense battle and then they just start swapping in DC for however many kills if it can’t be stopped the first time. No need for skill when you can be that cheap.