Would you pay more for VIP if it had an epic incubator each month?

If VIP had variable price points, one of which would include an incubator rare or epic or both then would you pay a little more monthly?

I would pay a few pounds more. Maybe £11.49 instead of £8.49 If an incubator was included. I don’t feel the current VIP offers enough so would like to see something extra for my continued custom. Maybe some hard cash or coin too.


I cannot answer cause I haven’t bought VIP since I started play this game. But I am interested on your suggestion, it will definetively be something teasing for me, a montly incubator for being VIP…:yum:

Up on this thread, let’s see other comments!

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I think is “one time epic incubator”

Weekly yes, monthly no.


I wouldn’t pay more. It should already be included in the deal. I was shocked when my 2nd month of VIP came around and there wasn’t an incubator. Its not like Ludia would be losing much by giving a monthly incubator since the DNA usually sucks. The extra coins would be nice though.


It’s kinda puzzling to me how people are trying to make their lives harder…
As you can see, price you have to pay for subscription is not changing since day one of J.W.A. yet V.I.P. players database increased by hundreds, and Ludia is understandably fine with that, they won’t starve buddy…
So yeah, tease a company that increases their profits from day to day if they wanna more money in exchange for anything that’s virtual… :+1::angry:

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I agree with TheMaxx that it should already be included. As I work in retail and sales in my experience I would want to keep my customers subscription longevity and entice new customers with more than what we currently get for in VIP but somehow I don’t think Ludia will add anything unless people drop out of VIP if its deemed not good value.
If folks are prepared to pay £47 for incubators or 5000 hard cash for the recent legendary incubators then they will continue to charge these prices until everyone stops buying them. They are extortionate in my opinion and unless folks drop out of VIP it won’t change much there either.
I would love to see their sales data to understand their customer base and what sells and what doesn’t. Would adding anything to VIP or increasing its price with an incubator produce better customer loyalty and value?
Taking my budget into consideration I would pay a few quid more for an incubator and coin/cash bonus on top of what we currently get in VIP.

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I would like to see an incubator with cash and coins for L20 that are a bundle package regardless of being VIP.

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Yes I would!!

With all the bugs, disconnects and other technical hang-ups, they should be paying us a monthly fee to put up with the frustration of it all AND giving us a monthly incubator. :+1:t6: :stuck_out_tongue:


This so true especially with their miss handling of cheats etc! Pay all the players with DNA for putting up with all the issues seems fair!

Nope, sure wouldn’t. Incubators are trash.

I might pay $12 - $15 a month if it doubled the daily coin limit for VIP.

I’d pay more than $0 for VIP if Ludia wasn’t adamant in letting me rot in Local 3 with no endgame spawns.

I wouldn’t pay more there would just be less gap time in between when I go VIP I practically only get a month when the weekly event is lit

Lol locale 3 is monolophosaur, erliko, tuojango and allosaur ingredients for 3 at least end game Dino’s

I don’t get how people don’t understand that epic components are the only relevant ones, lol.

Mono has no uniques and no tyrant hybrids.

Erlidom is the only relevant local 3 hybrid, but is a day-only spawn, so it’s bound to be underleveled even compared to dilorach/rinex from other zones.

Lol you must have missed that monosteg is number 1 nullifier Dino ATM that’s extremely relevant also erli got huge buffs what about dioraja, Thor if you don’t see it my explaining won’t enlighten you, your in one of the better zones

Which still doesn’t justify using him over tryko, dilorach, etc.

The local 4 and local 1 uniques? Sure, they’re great.

You need allosaur to make allosino DNA for fusing Thor you also need tuojango for dioraja there aren’t any locals that have all the ingredients for a single unique so dioraja and Thor are also your locals uniques your not local 4 you haven’t got much to complain about all of them decent apart from 4

I will say this slower.

You’ll get more commons/rares even simply moving around town minding your real life business than you can use even with the epics you specifically hunt for.