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Would you play a “lite” version of JWA?

Let me pose a question, if there were a “lite” version of the game, that doesn’t offer any of the special “hard cash” offers, and was strictly a skills game, working your way up the ladder, but had advertisements, would you play that version over this one that doesn’t have any advertisements and has the offers?
My thinking is that if Ludia can’t get a grasp on the cheating and spoofing and can’t fix the matchmaking, then they should just let them have it. Those are the spenders. They obviously must have a disposable income and like spending crazy money in the game. By having a free “lite” version, it would deter those from stepping down to a bare bones, skills only game. There’s nothing to buy. There’s no gain for them. And, if I were Ludia, I’d raise the price of everything for the pay to play version. Get them in the wallet, since they like spending money like it’s water. Let the spoofers have their game. It’s not like they care. Let those who just want to have fun play and not worry about whether or not their level 18 Indo will be annihilated by a level 12 boosted gallimimus by a level 5 player.

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Cheaters and spoofers are the big spenders?
How would you make it a skill based game?