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Would you please fix stuns


Utarinex vs Tryk
Instant Distract/Invicibility vs Instant Charge

Utarinex goes first I get that. You get stunned 200% of the time I get that.
You don’t get to use your move. I get that.
Turn resets. You should be unstunned.
It’s utarinex turn… tryk is still stunned for no reason, so you can’t distract/invinciblity
Utarinex impact and run
Tryk should get a counter attack and kill it, but it doesn’t because it’s stunned for 2 turns

Has ruined so many games.


Completely agree. Just went against a stegocera. Stunned my green chicken to death, stunned my tryko to death and almost indoraptor also.


Not with instant charge. It depends on who goes first. Example diloch goes first uses strike, stegocerotops goes and stuns. Since diloch went first stego goes again. Another one indoraptor uses evasive, diloch uses stun. Evasive went first (priority) so diloch gets stun and goes again. It depends on who goes first. Either way whoever gets stunned looses one turn

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Yep, I get the same thing happen with Lythronax. If it switches in and then gets stunned, the second move it still doesn’t doesn’t counter after it gets hit even though technically it should have recovered from the stun after turn one. It’s stupid and some easy wins have turned into epic fails. Gee thanks Ludia.


i find this estimate to be conservative, but the point is well made.


Looks like you swapped into an IC and want to not lose a turn for making a swap.


If the tryko is on a swap in, it’s not bugged because swap means you act first, so you lose the next turn because this turn you go first.

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I battled Hersh and was stunned because I was slower. I end my turn. He attacks. But it says end turn again and I cant click anything else. It automatically chooses SS

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