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Would you put green chicken in now, or wait a few levels?


I’m holding at 5000 with this team, but I bounce down to 4900 on occasion


I love my chicken. Probably my favorite on my team, with the two rampage moves its a must have for me! Not sure who you’d replace though!


Yeah, it’s a tough call. When I get it a few levels higher, pretty clear to replace Rinex. Not sure about now, though.

I’m 60 DNA from Erlidom and haven’t even started Tryko…


Maybe swap it in for a couple matches and see how it goes. Very few dinos can counter green chicken. Im the opposite barley started erlidom but ive got a 21 tryko. Tryko is a pain to deal with even at low lvl.


Unless you have Tryo :grin:


Thats true! Feel so helpless when someone brings tryo out against it.


Diloracheirus is an overpowered abomination that does need a nerf and very likely get one in the future.

I’d say abuse it while you can. It’s pretty much guaranteed to take out two dinosaurs with the ridiculous kit it has.


I have a question. Why do I see only a few people (top 30 rank players lets say) have tentorex. For chompers I see alot prefer tryko & Thor.
Guessing 3 chompers will be too much in your team?


Tenontorex is fabulous, but the kit has a few big weaknesses - not immune, no counters like nullify, and no instant move. With so many critters having SS, the DI isn’t a make or break move.

I actually like her in situations where I bring out a fresh dino to do serious damage, and particularly as a Draco G2 buster with high damage and crit chance. If my DI doesn’t kill the draco, the opponent still has to let it die or the swapped in dino is eating a 3000 DSR maybe 4500 with crit.

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I would have liked the comment except you asked for a Nerf. The Dino is ridiculous and I’m no where near getting it but Nerfs are evil. Just make a couple of usable counters for it instead.


You crazy?? Don’t take Utarinex off your team! It’s one of the top 3 dinos in the game! Take Tragodistis or Stegod or Monostego off before doing that


Depends on how 1.6 goes. Maybe Stegod, but Trag is good for my level and Monosteg is my only nullifer. Not all of us are end game.


Then you create a dumpsterfire called powercreep. If something is OP, it needs a nerf. Period. Introducing something equally OP is just going to kill off everything else, making everything else obsolete and not usable.

Nerfs are necessary and needed for balance. Also, for a design point of view, it’s easier and better to bring down something to a balanced level than trying to match literally everything else to the new, unnecessarily high power level (buff). Not to mention, buffing 100+ dinosaurs to a new level will more than likely break more than one. Therefore, the best solution is to decrease the ridiculousness of one thing. Aka a nerf.


Each to their own, I completely disagree. Adding a move to a few used dinos so said Dino has more (some) counters is a better soloition. People worked hard for that Dino they deserve to get what they worked for, even if I am very jealous of it and it destroys me every time.


It’s an objectively bad argument that “people worked hard and blablabla”. It doesn’t matter. Balance doesn’t / shouldn’t care about emotions and stuff.

If balancing was determined by who worked / payed for what, then this game would be a bad Chinese Pay to Win game that ends up in the dumpster and will be forgotten like the trash it is.

So if you want the game to be killed in the swiftest and dumbest way possible, then keep asking for not nerfing and using irrelevant emotion based arguments like “but people worked for that”.

And that is beside even the point how ridiculous is that people refer achieving something in a game, something as enjoyment as work. WORK. It’s a whole another thread worth of discussion how unhealthy and toxic the mindset is that you “work” in a game, something ment for enjoyment, not a second job… Just saying.

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No it is not an objectively bad argument it is also not based on emotion. I’m also free to play so the pay to win point is invalid also.
Most games have an element of work to them if you want to be good at them and get joy from that. Doesn’t matter if it’s a silly phone game where you need to grind to collect Dino’s at inconvenient times or a sport where you train hard repeating tedious drills to improve your skills.
I hardly think that it is unhealthy or even toxic to believe that you should work hard to achieve your goals even if it is for a game. There are also much “swifter and dumber” ways to destroy this game than to include more counters for an OP Dino rather than Nerfing it. I do believe that the continual Nerfing that takes place causes more displeasure amougst players than buffs do. Displeased players seems like a route to a quicker finish than your Nerfing solution.


All right, I have your exact team only I am already running green murder chicken in place of Thor, who is benched for now. I think my Monostegotops is one level below yours, my stegod and utarinex are higher.


Point is, I cannot seem to make it over 5000, even with said magical green murder chicken. And I did think I knew what I was doing in the battle arena . You’re obviously doing better at this than me though! Who do you like to start with? I’ve been looking at shuffling my lineup but my whole squad seems important for one reason or another. But this is proof that maybe I could progress higher.


I like to start with Spino or Rinex, depending on the draw. I rarely get both… actually I think I’ve only drawn Rinex once in the past few days. Maybe… 20-25 battles? If I get neither, I may start with indo, tho I really dislike that.

I hold Monosteg for the inevitable Indo or Indom. I use Thor, Indo, and Tenonto as end-of-match bruisers to clean up, Stegod and Trag as needed to fill the mid-game spots and, if the draw is nice to me, what I like to swap into from Rinex.

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I wish I could trade my Monomin DNA in for Monosteg :confused:


Well, my 200 trophy losing streak says that doesn’t really matter. :stuck_out_tongue: