Would you rather survey

Really? This is what it has come to, playing would you rather lol

The options are ok but everything boils down to the details which are lacking and the devil is in the details.

A more expensive max level creature… sure as long as it is priced right DNA:stats unlike the stuff that has been coming out more recently.

A cheaper creature that doesn’t change skins… sure as long as it is an epic icon and something I routinely want to go back to and just stare at it in awe, maybe something i can feed indefinitely even after max level even if it doesn’t gain any stats.

These are just my thoughts not that they matter but IMO the game has been lacking some spice lately even with the new releases there is typically some aspect of them that are a let down that really tanks the hype.


Maybe if they start listening it will make it easier.


I do like the idea of being able to feed a max level creature or at least be able to see its feeding animation without affecting stats. It stinks that the only way i can view that animation is to feed a creature. What if it’s at max stats or if I don’t want to increase its stats. Then I’m currently out of luck.

Sorry, I know I’m really just commenting on one of the details and not answering the question, but i just like the idea.

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I have yet to feed an indoraptor, have had them for months, I have no idea what the animation is like and i don’t watch videos of the game so i guess I won’t find out for quite some time.


@Keith can you give any insight into this survey as it doesn’t make any sense to me:

Is this to a specific rarity or in general? And are you saying that having a creature “evolve” as it evolves has some tie to its DNA cost? This survey is very vague and before I answer I would like to have some insight into what specifically it is being used for. I hope that makes sense.


It’s important your question. But personally I choose the one. I thought ( just my imagination) if I choose the second is like to keep a yudon or armormata at lvl 10 design and cheaper cost of food and DNA. :sweat_smile: And for me, (like I said in other topic) one the things that I love this game a lot, is the last design lvl 40 of the dinos.


Just as @Sionsith said, I cannot answer the question without clarification.

“Expensive” vs “Rarity” - DNA cost or actual money?

“Skins” - The 3D model or the gradual color shifts and saturations that happen with each evolution?

As it stands, I do not care about something costing more IRL money - I dont buy anything aside from the VIP subscription.

I’d support no 3D model change, but keeping the gradual color saturation shifts, but having a faster development cycle of hybrids and shybrids.

As for normal dinos of any rarity, I think the effort should still be there to give them wacky L40 designs.

Awaiting clarification to answer the survey.


And … it’s the question 1 as I can see, probably we can have more important questions to answer🤔

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But for me a survey like this can be problem, (sorry if I wrong) but in game we have those player that are new (age/account) and not informed by the forum for example, …but a new player almost all the time, never answer what a old player will answer. Survey: what you prefer a new hybrid amphibian or carnivore, and carnivore wins🤣 Sorry my English is poor to translate what I think better, I’ll wait what the future will bring.


Ludia, you could have done better wording the survey.

I feel like this could be in relation to all the Bumpy stuff.


For iconic creatures like Bumpy,
Would you rather:

  • A more expensive max level creature = Getting the creature at level 40 straight away but it will cost more than other creatures since you don’t have to evolve/fuse it

  • A cheaper creature that will not change skins as it evolves = Like Bumpy where you need 8 copies to get to level 40, but skins don’t change as it evolves and it is costed like other creatures.

  • No preference


Oh well that makes sense. I’d want the cheaper one

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Me, who wanted to choose the second option but chose the first one instead and submitted the answer right away without checking. :man_facepalming:

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Ahhhh okay that makes more sense. Thank you for the clarification.

And I want to make sure I understand this correctly option one is a creature that can’t be evolved as once hatched (if it is even hatched) is already lvl 31-40. If it’s 40 when hatched does that mean no feeding animation? When you say more expensive are we talking DNA and are we talking just the combined cost of the eight copies (if it was 8k for a lvl 10 are we talking 64k for a lvl 40 as an example)? Released by tournament or some other means?

Option 2 is just treating them like regular creatures in the game so that’s straight forward. I just wonder about the implications of option one and how that will alter the game overall.

As an end gamer option one has value to me especially if option two still means the creature does not change skins as it evolves anyways.


Totally not how I interpreted the survey options :rofl: