Would You Rather


Let’s play a game of JWA “Would You Rather…”

I’ll ask a JWA related hypothetical, and you answer. Anyone can ask another question, just try to directly reply to the post you’re answering to.

I’ll get us started:

“Would you rather be rewarded only 15 min incubators that you can’t speedup, or only 24 hour incubators that you can speedup (same cost as normal)?”

Dinos Doing Things

With the 24 hour incubators do I HAVE to speed them up? If not then 24 hours for sure.


You don’t have to, you just can. It just means your slots are going to be full most of the time.


Oh man, that’s a good one. If the 24hr is the same cost to speed up, I’ll live with the 15min. Having coins beats out having epics.


24 and I’d wait. Only 15 mins would be insane, who has that kind of time ? :joy:


24 hours ones and wait hands down. Less work filling up incubator slots, more coins (around 10k a day which isn’t bad at all) and a regular income of Epic DNA… Where do I sign!


I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. But then again, I’m just mental.


Nevermind. I didn’t see the thing what said our hypothetical had to be JWA-related.


Here’s another:

Would you rather be able to scroll the map and see dinos further than your immediate vicinity (so you know where to find those epics), or have the ability to see what your opponent has on his team (the whole team, but not what 4 were randomly selected)?


Ooh…Definitely seeing dinosaurs beyond the immediate vicinity. Granted most would probably despawn before I got close enough to shoot any darts…but I’d be willing to accept that level of risk. :grin:


Seeing dinosaurs beyond the vicinity would be really helpful in planning walking routes, and seeing your opponent’s full team is not really that informative so I’ll take the former. Now, if it was between seeing dinosaurs far away or seeing just the 4 selected dinosaurs of my opponent, that’s another story because both would be reaaaally useful. I still take the former, though, but both sound very interesting


I can’t make one sound too appealing, gotta have some drawbacks. I’ll try to keep making them interesting. :wink:


Definetly the vicinity one. Sure being able to see your opponent’s dinos is great but, I like the mystery.


Here’s a silly one, regarding the announcement of new dinos:

Would you rather brachiosaurus have a sneeze attack, or gallimimus have a passive action on death called “look how much blood!”

I can’t resist a good JP reference.

(announcement: https://forum.ludia.com/t/release-notes-jurassic-world-alive-update-1-3/13839)


The sneeze attack! It would just be deliciously hilarious. It’s a must have.


Sneeze attack! Gotta love that scene!


See dinosaurs in the distance.
Sneeze attack for sure!


Anyone else notice that you can see further on the map now. :open_mouth:

They’re listening…


I’m definitely enjoying the update!