Would you replace any of my team? With the paranoloch



Presume you mean paramoloch? And no she’s absolutely useless.


Haha ok mate cheers. Shame you cant do 1v1 battles against your own finish so you can compare


Really? She destroys me every time and my squad is similar /better than the one posted. I was looking forward to unlocking


I mean I kinda laugh/cheer when someone uses her against me. About a month ago they released a legendary incubator you could buy. I bought one with my oto cash. Managed to unlock her and pre update she was amazing had a much better skill set.

Ever since she has sat on my bench… worth leveling for the unique she makes though!

By all means give her a try for yourself but she’s probably the worst legendary in my opinon. Although that new hybrid might give her competiton for that spot. :joy:


Anytime. The next Dino’s id look at unlocking/putting in your team should be utahsino (since it’s had a buff) and either of the mono hybrids.


I love her… you just need to know when to play her… she’s weak brought out at the wrong time but awesome if the opposition creature is stunnable & the timing is right… but I’m not giving away my strategy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got her on my team she awsum if you know how to use her ;0)


There’s a reason no one uses her past 3500 trophies


I do and she’s still amazing and wins for me quite alot


Paramoloch is great gets me out of alot of tricky situations in the battles and wins for me just as I think I’m about to lose got her at level 19 so far.


Unlock her she is great


How did you get so much DNA for level 19?






Apart from you get stygi from the arena incubators only… your just bitter/jealous


I actually got a bunch (like 200 or something) from an incubator I think it was from a strike event.


No, man. Not at all. You said it yorself… bitter and jelaous? Over a game? Thanks for the laugh mate :smiley:


Dont make paramoloch its useless but you have 5 tanks in your main board maybe you can take it down to 4 and add in another damage dealer


your welcome :slight_smile: