Would you use an autopilot/idle feature?

This is a purely hypothetical thought experiment.

Let’s say JWA introduced an “autopilot” feature. When you activate it, you are locked out of the game for 3 months. During this time, everything is done for you at an “average” rate. Everything you could do is done for you as though it were done by whatever you personally consider to be the average version of yourself. You “dart” event dinos at an average rate, you get average raid rewards, you get average tournament rewards, you get average championship rewards, etc. Let’s say the game magically knows what you’re capable of and gives you the average result for everything. If you log in before the 3 months is up, you get nothing for the time you missed. You can only claim these resources if you go the full 3 months without playing.

Would you use this feature?
  • Yes
  • No

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Feel free to discuss why you would/wouldn’t below.

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I would like to clarify I would def use this feature right now because if I can take a break from the game without feeling like I’m falling behind I would do it in a heartbeat. My answer might be different (or at least I hope it is) in a couple of months lol

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I would only use it if I wasn’t able to play the game at all during that time. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind having control. It it was a feature though, that would probably be the nail in the coffin for the game. Most people probably wouldn’t play anymore if it could just play itself, and that’s unfortunate.

I voted no… because I left this game for 6 months and came back and only lost a few hundred trophies and missed out chasing a few meta creatures that had came and were nerfed by the time I came back.

I know it was a hypothetical but hypothetically I’d rather Ludia spend whatever resources it would pay to make this be spent elsewhere.

This isn’t a suggestion to Ludia, so development time/expenses shouldn’t be a factor in your vote. This feature just magically exists suddenly.

I still don’t think I’d take advantage of such a feature if I’m just playing the game as a means to an end and not actually enjoying the game it probably means it’s time to walk away.

I guess if there was some other circumstance that prevented me from playing then maybe. But realistically “playing the game” should be what keeps me coming back.

I’d forget I used the feature and log in five minutes later lol.
My average is also trashed because of how I’ve played the last couple months.
But I can’t say I’d be against it.

No, I raid and tourney too much to go on autopilot, and JW TG doesn’t really sustain well like this game does

This was really tough to ultimately say yes to. Mostly my liver would thank me for not actively playing tournaments. I am also very curious what else I would do all that time, SO MUCH time. I’m certain I invest more time in to this game and its community than I do my job. I could still feel connected to the community through the several Discord servers and Facebook groups I’m a part of. My only thing I would miss is hunting during my walks. I might have to bust out Pogo or something to keep me entertained for that.

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personally, if i get to the point where i run the game on auto pilot like the suggestion, it may be time to walk away and close up shop. i hardly ever return to games when i haven’t played (actually going into the game) for so long. so far there isn’t any that i’ve done that to that i have taken back up again like i used to.


afk sure
not all caps
not all caps

Lol no. What’s the point of having the game if you’re not going to play it. If you want to not do anything and get ahead just pay to win.


My JW:TG experience in a nutshell, but sino tourney and some slight nostalgia got me back

Yeah I stopped playing JWTG because keeping up with all the events was too stressful (although I did win one of the tournments!) Thankfully I haven’t had the same experience with JWA.

It’s a lot better know, what with new creatures and some improved mechanics, tho most notably the bosses being playable, you unlock them to play special events where you are the boss

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sounds neat. but JWTG has always been one where i play for a week, then forget about it for months.


Depends on how you play, CoT while great rewards, isn’t needed and neither are tourneys. I remember when I first started playing and I just did what I could on my crappy tablet with like 2 hours of battery life. The game looks beautiful with the exception of L40 Amarga having no shadow. Best you could proly get on a phone. Combat is fun and usually hard, and even looking at the models is cool. Biggest downside is that you usually are almost forced to play in runs, which is tolerable after a while

Yes that’s one downside, it requires soooooo much time and effort to win tournaments unless you have a massive lineup. You really can’t take a break from that game

Eh, i have a fairly small lineup of maybe 20 dom level creatures

I voted no because you loose everything if you login in that 3 month period. If I don’t login for 3 months, I might never open this game or maybe even forget and find another game to play.