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Wow bad Christmas offers lol


Sad even on Christmas they try to scam us lol


What Christmas offers are you referring to?


These 2 Inkubation


It’s just the normal weekly dino Incubators, this week is just Christmas themed. Same price as usual. Pretty sure they will be a cash or coin or both sale tomorrow. Could be wrong though.


That’s what I was hoping coz this offer is kinda really sad for Christmas


I really hope they do a deal on coins tomorrow :blush:


I really hope if they do it lasts a few days, my son did 2 Tapjoy offers for about 5k HC, and of course for some weird reason his offers auto fail as soon as he completes them. So we have to wait for Ludia or Tapjoy to fix it…


Hopefully I was buying a 100€ ITunes Card coz stores are closed


I am not sure if this happened only to me or for everyone:
This morning I was greeted with 5000 coins for free. They were in the mail tab of the user profile.


Everyone got that


All I want is a coin sale. So many of my dinos on my team are crying for level up(s). Hoping to use all my hard cash saved up tomorrow or in the coming days if a coin sale happens.


I don’t know if we are going to have one soon. The best one was less than a month ago :

That’s why I still have 3+ millions coins :sweat_smile:

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Coin sale?

I am at 2 Mil… I splurred on random dinos ^.^