WoW Bundles: Euro VS US $ unfair approach

Since I was schocked by the crazy price of the last bundle appeared in WoW (€ 145), I posted it on the FB Community page for funny comments. I was litterally shocked when I realized that the same bundle costs a lot less in the U.S. (USD 125)


Now since the current exchange rate is the following

…the bundle price should be 145×1,09 = USD 158! A difference of 33 USD, roughly 20% discount!

Can anyone from @Ludia_Developers explain this market dynamic? Are people in Europe whealthier then U.S. citizens? Why is that? I don’t want to say I’m interested in this kind of crazy bundles, but it’s a matter of principle!

Development is Canadian not American.

Is there a difference in taxes on the sale of goods? US sales taxes tend to be low. Around where I am it’s like in the 5-6% range and often not collected on internet goods. I always thought, but can’t say for sure that European value added taxes were much higher. Could that be part of the difference?

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I Know @JImbolya18 but this is USD.
If it was in Canadian Dollars it would be even worse since the €/Canadian $ exchange rate is even higher in that case. It should be like 220 Canadian Dollars

You are probably right @CPXZ yet the tax system is not a fault of the customer.
I’d pay NET amount of money which is alteady taxed (in Italy taxes are above 50%) so this criterion shouldn’t be applied to customers (why do I have to pay taxes twice?).

From previous mobile games I’ve played, I seem to recall that the game doesn’t set foreign prices, but rather Apple does the conversion, in which case Ludia would have no say in the matter (other than setting the initial price in, presumably, US $).


Very strange, but thank you for you feedback! Btw in my case is Google Play, since I use Android.

Anyway no reply from Ludia yet…

@Ludia_Developers can anyone reply to explain this unfair approach?