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Wow don't fuse anything this morning


So close to leveling up to 20 so I started fusing a bunch of random dinos. I kid you not, probably 35-40 fuses and every single one was a 10. I just kept going to see if something was broken. Finally hit level 20 and not anything other than a 10. So glad I cancelled my VIP


You just described my entire JWA life. Man I hate the fusing system with a passion. Totaly broken and unfair.

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I was fusing something yesterday and got at least ten straight 10s. Why is this even randomized?


I do not like the fusion system at all and I hate it as much as you do. However, I must say that I wrote in an excel almost all the mergers and the average that I get is 21. My record of ten consecutive is 7, specifically with a stegodeus.


For a quick test, I just did 20 fuses for suchotator in a row. Got 450 dna. So my average was 22.5 dna per fuse, which is right about where it always is for me.


When I made partial statistics of 20 fusions, the best was average of 26 and the worst average of 16.5.

When I have to calculate whether to make a fusion or not, I calculate that it will always come out to me 21. Before I used 22 but I had to adjust it to 21 which is more realistic.


Don’t get me wrong I’ve had 100 on monomimus and in the end it probably averages out to around 20 but this morning was a disaster. Especially when you are fusing stuff like Tryko and indoraptor


I had about 11 in a row turn to 10 this morning and just stopped. Havent tried again.


Apparently will take me 2.5 years to get some of my team members to L30…:rofl:


I have been tracking fuses. They do, in fact, average out to 22.5… At least for me.

One to ten fuses is really random. I do get many 10’s but also have had some fantastic sessions. Ten to 20 fuses in a row still can go either way, 30 to 15 average. 50 to 100 fuses in a row really do hit the average consistently. Over 100 fuses in a row my average is 22.5.