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Wow! Fighting AI on primary account?

I never have to fight the AI on my primary account but actually did tonight :open_mouth: .

This is a bad sign :warning:. Is the amount of people playing shrinking? Even my wife said she fought the AI. We are both in the 4000 to 4200 range. We always get RI (real intelligence) battles in this range. It was nice to play against something different though. 2 bleeders was unexpected but was fun to one shot the second one with my OP Thor.

I didn’t mind. Got the last 3 take downs I needed for my daily incubooster.

It’s easier to fight AI now because of the changes in matchmaking.

I don’t know about you guys but I look forward to fighting the AI to get a win and making it where I don’t have to battle over an hour to fill my incubators.

I don’t use stat boost because it’s lame and takes everything I’ve accomplished the last year away. So I went from 48xx trophies to around 37xx trophies.

So AI battles are welcome and I wish I fought more.

What is the best time to get AI battles? There has to be a time of day there are less people playing.

Haven’t fought a real person in 5 days lol welcome to the club. The higher u get the more it happens

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When I queue up for a match I watch the 30 second timer count down with anxiety, praying it makes it to zero so I can click that AI button and avoid the dumb Thor’s and rats.

Please remove the 30 second delay so we can opt to press it right away, I don’t care if I get no trophies…I don’t get any trophies when the Thor sweeps my team anyway so who cares, I just fun and fair matches so I can get some incubators some time this century!

When I see the timer make it down to 1 or even 0 and then loads in a player, well you don’t wanna know the things I speak lol


I got A.I. battle a lot today. :scream:
4400~4500 range

all a.i. battles easy as kids game.

It’s not our fault! We want a bot too :wink:

Seriously, I really don’t want bots, but the arena has become so unfair and unbalanced in Aviary that I sometimes take the option (if it works, that is… ealier today I couldn’t get it to!)

I agree with you. I don’t care about trophies. I just want to win some incubators again. I’m tired of fighting forever and getting slaughtered by crazy stat Boosted dinos. The game is not fun anymore. I dread battles. I always hope for AI and it gets low and then SOMEBODY decides to fight. Ugh!

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I beat the two real people I played tonight. The on pulled their DC on me got it out, pulled it again but I beat them 3-1 by way of using my cheap shot DC at the end. :rofl:

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While I do hate rat, ratting a rat is soooo pleasurable!

Match making is the issue rather then population… i posted my screen shots of the galaxy gamer data last night showing so no point in posting them again… but yesterdays screen shot showed no serious movement in population… and was holding at 54k…

Right now its as 54.3k which higher then its been for the last 3 months.

I find 4AM EST to be pretty good.
Around 5AM peeps wakeup and battles begin to drag out, but if you can get up at 4 you can knock out your daily in under 20 min.
I wouldn’t take it as a bad sign like everyone’s leaving, I think most are just avoiding the arena till they announce a fix for match making.

The only bad thing about this is that it’s 30 seconds… Should be 10… Actually, it should be our choice, but if they did that, there would probably be no more PVP.

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Yeah if I could only fight AI I probably would anymore. I’ve suggested there be an arena mode with no stat boost and someone said that if that were the case nobody would play the stat boost arena anymore. With that said it shows what players really want. If they did like you said and opt in AI was 10 seconds and nobody battled pvp it would show yet again how players feel.

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