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Wow how much more bad can it get?

Still stuck at 0 attempts as I haven’t found an irritator. One day gone and after driving about 65 kms and still waiting. Dunno how it will be on Tuesday.

Ouch - and I thought they were hard to find where I am. 65km :crazy_face:

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I feel for you. I got three yesterday, saw four. I will try to get this one when I head out to work.

Good luck hunting today.

Yeah 65 kms, and I guess I came across almost a 100 green stops maybe but none were irritator. And these 65 kms took 4.5 hrs as it was slow driving to get what I wanted

Had a feeling they would be very few and far between. I saw 2 yesterday and one this morning. Going out later today with fingers crossed. Good luck all!

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…and this is exactly why I lost interest.

Weird, in The Hague, NL; since event started and like 2 hours ago I found and caught 24 irritators.


We have miles of wildlife refuge that is thankfully considered a park so I’m hoping I’ll have some luck.

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I know that this isn’t an Irritator, but For now, this is the only creature in my area

I’ve been pretty lucky

Saw a lot of birds, only saw 1 yesterday I hope better luck today

Just collected my son from college - on the way I stopped at a little village, 6 event stops - all Irritator :smile: Up to 21/30 now. And 5 terror birds.

Came across this as well - which would you like G1 or G2?

At first I thought the common and rare event drops had collided but when I darted the G1 the G2 remained and was a wild one.


I got 9 in a 7 mile walk this morning. With the new common event they will now be harder to find.

Seems ironic JWA is not irritating enough.

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I would say the frequency of the rare drops hasn’t changed today (i.e. its as bad as yesterday); the common drops are in addition. That’s what I’m seeing anyway.


:rofl: This is for the truly undecided.

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I feel you 100% i have driven over 50 miles and found 3. With no green drops anywhere near my community and the commons overlapping today i feel like theres no way i will get much more. I dont think spawns should overlap during these events, its hard enough to find what you’re looking for with all the choices already available then you slap a bunch of commons on top of it making it even harder to even find a rare dino to begin with let alone 1 specific one you need.

I agree. I don’t think the events should overlap. Sometimes when I would look on my map, the event drops would show as empty. When I get closer, sometimes a creature will show up. It was always disappointing when I knew where the next event drop was and instead of it being a rare creature, it was a common one.

If they are going to do this again in the future (which I am pretty sure they will since I remember this from last time), the event drops should show as the same color as the rarity of the creature instead of just green.

Well drove for almost 4 hrs and finally got one irritator.also got 3 common of that bird. But seriously only this much in so much time spent. It’s 30 mins past midnight here and I have come back home again without any luck today also

I’ve only seen 1 and couldn’t dart it, I’ve been busy most of the day and couldn’t play so god knows how many I’m missing.

They must all be where I am. My work has been surrounded by Irritator today. Shame work got in the way but I did manage to snag five or six in my lunch break.