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Wow, I don't even know my Tarbo could do that


Just done the new strike event, and noticed this.
A defense shattering strike as normal attack?
So this means I could break shield every turn.:t_rex:

And many other dinos got similar change.
Such as my bro, Gorgosaurus.
I think this might be a re-balance for tank tier.:thinking:


Kinda makes sense that they gave such a skill since they overbuffed tanks.


Just wanna mention, our another bro, and main character of the strike event now.

Umm…T-rex Gen2 is the only one couldn’t destroy shield in all rex form dinos.

I think this guy must at least change skill 2 into destroy shield move.:t_rex:


the T-Rex Gen 2 can destroy them mine manages to destroy them


Now all they need to do is introduce a lot more Tyrannosaurs like Alectrosaurus, Zunityrannus and Daspletosaurus. Maybe Albertosaurus as well. Got to show the Tyrannosaurs some love, Ludia!!


I like how they gave allosaurus shield breaking but left allosinasaurus without it.


I like the format of the strike events, we can learn a lot from the initial dino’s description and how to counter a team like that :+1: all we have to do is studying the opponents and then choose our own strategy for our arena fights.