Wow I leveled to 12 and got a sweet offer 12.99$


Got a awesome deal going to level 12 just now I’m posting everything I got for 12.99$ CAD


Now tell me that’s not sweet! I never have paid for a incubator at 30$ or more I bought 1 @ 7$ and it was terrible (just the regular one) but like I’ve always said leveling up and new stages are the best offers!

Can I get a heart for this Sweetness!! LOL :joy:

DinoLord in!!


Only time I’ll ever put money on game now!! But I do miss the monthly m knees hip for the time to collect more DNA and distance . That’s the only great thing about it which I miss :weary:

I’ll survive !!


I thought the deals got more expensive with each level.

Maybe it’s because you’ve not spent in a while so they’ve lowered the price to tempt you into spending again.


I thought you quit @dinolord :slight_smile:


Yes that could be a thing which would be cool? But I haven’t had a offer over 12.99 bro and this is the best one so far 5x I got well over 70$ worth of item maybe even more I haven’t calculated. Anyone good with that could calculate what that would be in regular cost I know ones a 37$ incubator then all that cash is over 8$ then 1200$ is dino bucks is another 13.99$ this is all CAD and I’m probably missing something ohh the incubator I got wasn’t the same as a regular 37$ one at my level it had a lot more DNA and it unlocked like 3 Dino’s for me and helped me rise so much bro !

100% people make sure you have your visa or money ready on account is even safer so you don’t lose the offer like I did once or twice which made me super angry at this game which started my escalation of quitting a few weeks ago! But this offer has me so pumped now if Ludia keeps these coming every level and also every stage ( in which they need to create more like every 500 achievements ) would separate the higher best players from the noobs coming into the stage freshly 3500 should be another stage and every 500 after !! It doesn’t take that long to create stages in a game app like this depending on how good they are and fast a couple weeks going steady maybe way quicker I’m not a programmer I’m A plus certified but that’s nothing I build pcs and fix software issue that sort of stuff(on the side) not my full time job it’s my hobbie I went to school for lol
Anyhow I’m off topic I highly recommend saving money to buy these offers it took me a while to get to level 12 from 11 but I did stop for two weeks maybe coming on 3 times a day to do incubators and catch some DNA but now I’m back full time! I’m also getting my increased drone area and time back it’s very vital to game! I admit I was wrong the 12.99$ CAD is worth the monthly membership alone for the DNA and distance you get with it plus the 50 dino bucks from spins a day instead of 10 limit not a monthly member!

I’ll admit when I’m wrong but I’m strong to when I say do not purchase the over priced incubators people I know it’s hard not to especially if you have the money it’s addictive game it’s a high high dopamine fix game it’s built to do that! Read about this on google understand the games you play and see how some companies take advantage of this and Ludia is one of them they have terrible reviews for this reason they don’t care about their players.

Pokémon go highly regards there players and cares for hat they are happy and they are super fast at big fixes MOST of the time! So many recent updates to game also!

Anyhow I just like sharing the info for people to benifit from it ! That’s why I’m on this forum for the players and getting the right information passed along, and there is some people like me who take the time to help share and I want to thank them ! There’s actually around 15 people on this forum from beta days like me and they know there stuff!

Btw I bought a 7.40$ CAD incubator for the 7 days of Dino’s and it actually wasn’t bad it helped me get a legendary with two purchases. But do beware it’s hardly likely that you’ll get with one incubator . The reason they put limits isn’t because they don’t wanna sell more to you it’s because they know the majority don’t buy more then that number so they make a limit to prode at your mind and dopamine to buy buy buy while you can aka time limits on items pfft it’s all apart of the money gathering tactic these games have.

Anyways sorry so long had a lot to say

DinoLord out!!!


There’s a really long message coming guys with my opinions now on game and other stuff just hold on it’s LONG message lol



Would of just bought it for the sino alone, insanely hard to find in my area. That’s even after traveling to different places to biom check. My offers from 10-12 been all 49.99 ones. Getting close to 13 hopefully they can plug me with one of those deals. :sunglasses:


Damn man I haven’t seen a offer over 12.99$ for level up either way for 49.99 you must be getting a damn good offer???


This was my level 10 offer (over $60 US):


Holy crap lol dude never pay that lol and that’s euro???


Yea but your getting over 200k I’n coin lol and more DNA and 7000 dino bucks


It’s pound sterling so is worth more than euros (I think).

Also, I’ve only just seen your long post above, I think the forum filter must have blocked it originally (stupid filter).


The system must’ve loved this novel, lol!


Oh man, I’m so tempted for the next time I level up, lol! My only really good incubator was the AMC one where I got my Rex, Spino, Dilo…and other good stuff, can’t recall. That’s overlooking the good incubators from batyles too. I went for the $2 and $5 ones, and while they weren’t that great, I enjoyed having more gold and cash. Kinda stockpiling the cash right now for something good.