Wow I need coins badly! Lol


Wish there was an easier way to get coins. Looka like it’ll be a while till I evolve! Lol =(


Almost to 21 with my Stegodues, now I’m not looking forward to it. I’m f2p so guess I’ll have to save the coins over a few weeks.


Feels, took me over a week to level up some dinos with max coins attempt, with the addition of coins for strike events/ treasure chest. My stegodeus needed
a level up for just about a week now. Such a challenge, I eventually used my in game cash that has been accumulating to get some coins :joy: Now my squad looks much happier lol


From my understanding, you will get higher coin limits the more you level up. So as you level up you get more coins.


A pitiful 600 extra coins everytime you level up.