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Wow. I wish I had one

It’s a bug but seriously lvl 99. Are we gonna see this in future updates. Dunno. Here’s the pic not complete . And no editing as I never did one( ok dunno to edit one-never tried)

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I have no doubt if you offer Ludia $999,999 they will gladly let you use a lvl99 rex

Well can’t do that. But I have the coins for that ugrade

I wish i had that amount of coins!

Well haven’t bought any coins since a very very long time. Also been buying lots of incubators with green cash. I had almost 90k green cash. But now trying to stay at this

What stats did it show?

Dude it’s been around for a while. It’s description is in Latin and I want it too… I even tried to click buy but… 15k coins wasn’t enough