Wow Look At This Garbage

A picture tells a thousand words. No rant this time, doesn’t change anything.


I like the side angle you can barely make out Utahsino’s head tilt, jaw drop and slouched shoulders, like …uh oh…


Every time I see an Einia on the battlefield, I know it’s bad news. Especially if it’s the last dino.


I don’t know what is more surprising…

The fact that Lydia still won’t fix the stupid matchmaking
The fact players still use the arena lol


I actually reached a new high score today. The only really troublesome part of battling was hoping the game wouldn’t glitch out! Which it did - a lot.

EDIT: I have fought L30 eino’s like that too. PITA.


5 steps to success

  1. Create a money pit (boosts)
  2. Create demand for your own product (Alter matchmaking algo so that you fight opponents that make your team seem weak, and thus goading the player into buying boosts)
  3. Nerf players team so they need to invest in a new dinosaur (Dodge nerf)

As you can see they only needed 3 steps of the 5.

The boost system is the definition of repugnant @Ludia_Developers

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I have a second account that is level 12 in Lockdown. Today I had the pleasure of fighting this team. I lost of course. Note the trophy count.

Now I’m not complaining about arena droppers. I never have and I’m not about to start now, as I’m sure most of you know what that got us. I’m just curious if this is a result of the boost meta and current matchmaking, or it is in fact a dropper.

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The Arena Score is history.
Only the Seasonscore say your oppenents.
It’s the Team good for a smal Arena. I’m on Arena 7 and you have over 3799 score. You fight Only with 4k players.
When the score over 3799 and you loose Trophys It’s everytime the highest score. I fall in Arena 6 and i fight only with players in Arena 8

The next 18 days It’s the small Player the looser.

Yeah the arena is absolute trash now. I dont even try to fill my incubators anymore just get my daily. I’ve dropped 2 arenas ina week. Partly because I really dont care anymore. The arena is supposed to be a place where go to climb the ladder of greatness as you make your team better. Instead it’s become a place where skill and determination is not tested but rather how far your wallet can take you.


Only, my full Alliance deleted the VIP When ending.
Ludia trashed the Game.
Tournament is only for the top 5 Guilds.
The Game become a Collapse and i go tomorrow to Universal Germany and Tell for the Trash from Ludia.

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Yep another example of why matchmaking is designed to make you feel weak, so you think “Hey if I buy boosts ill be stronger!”…yeah nice try Lydia.

Also I have heard a few people now being afraid to complain about something because Lydia typically goes overboard and makes thing worse…even had one player blame the players who complained about the droppers for the mess we are in…umm no mate, I blame the DROPPERS who CAUSED the people to feel the need to complain in the first place.

Remember its never the victims fault, its why they are the victim!

Anyway its always best to air problems so something can be done about them.
(NOTE: In a constructive criticism kind of way, not the raging way!)

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” however its on the repairman (Ludia) to not go overboard with the grease.

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I canceled vip and I just get my daily battle incubator… that was it i also don’t Care about Daily Missionen reward…this Game is totally trash now…arena and spawns…there is no more reason to play…I m not going out to hunt for maybe 1 good dino in 3hours…I m playing since release and had a lot of fun before 1.7…

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Whine Whine Whine. Then when things are fixed. Whine some more. I blame those who whined about RNG creating the dodge nerf. Also Ludia for being lazy in their coding.

Seriously stop asking Ludia to fix stuff. Just get them to debug the game. Nothing new, no features changed. Just make the game work. I dun wan new hybrids or nerfs. Get the game to work smoothly.

I have seen this game get laggier as they try to add more features to please the whiners. 1.8 made the game less playable. I dun even care about boosts because once enough time is past, the boosted will be where should be: annoying me in Lockwood Library and Gyrosphere Depot.

Get the game debugged. Then fix the alliance missions to be less grindtastic. After that add in Multifuse.

Remove DBI from alliance missions so players do no need arena to contribute to alliances


It amazes me the 90% of this forum population all says and agrees about the same things but nooooo you gotta come in and make yourself known as the outlier. Instead of coming in here and stirring stuff up just ignore what you dont agree with and go buy some more boosts to make yourself feel better.

I would feel sorry for you, but I see that lvl 24 orange meat ball in your deck. No sympathy here. :laughing:

You’re complaining about one hybrid that’s easy to obtain when you’ve got one yourself in your deck. This is what happens when it’s ingredients are handed out like candy.

On a serious note, Einio really isn’t that bad of a dino. Its got high health, decent speed, damage, and a heal. It certainly can dish out some hurt.

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Do not play battle mode few times in a row or do not play battle mode when your slots are full. They will throw idiotic opponents at you. Especially when you"re winning those battles in a row.