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Wow Ludia Thanks LOL

Yep. Thank ya Ludia. Totally didn’t want to use the rest of my FIP’s on Woolly Rhino, nope. Doing Mammoth for some more days is totally fine for me. Yes sir, can’t get enough of blowing my drop prizes on one creature.


Alright, well that’s annoying. First max and now lania. Can’t wait for that to happen on Rhino and Draco

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:crazy_face: I know the feeling ALL too well mate!


Even worse!

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Wonder if ya can be 1 dna off the hybrid, non-hybrid, and the unique. Just imagine how annoying that would be


If you got the chance to dart a unique and got something that ended with a 9 like 99 you can end up 1 dna away every level. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

Save your FIP and do mammotherium raids. It’s not even viable anymore because of the nerf and mines level 30

Saying it’s not viable is kinda a mis statement considering it’s on the number 1 arena team. That’s not the only top 10 team it’s on either.

I mean, it can beat Thyla 60% of the time while Tryko, Dio, and Max are all food for him, he’s underestimated from my view


How are those 3 food for Mammolania? More like the other way around since it can’t pierce armor

No, thyla. The cat lion marsupial dinosaur thing