Wow Ludia. That Season reward is an amazing prize

For some of you who have not noticed yet, Ludia is offering a prize of Pyroraptor DNA for the season event prize. This is not a small amount of Epic DNA this time.
This amount is huge considering how much Pyroraptor DNA is used to make Magnapyritor. People who get to a threshold of 5000 Trophies can get 1750 Pyroraptor DNA. Every 100 Trophy points after that is a boost of 250 pyroraptor reward up to 5500 point. Also, once you pass that threshold, you get that prize even if you fall back down.
Now if you ever do any spreadsheets to figure out how much DNA you need based on a 22.5 combine rate reward you will find out you only need about 16,000 Pyroraptor DNA to get Magnapyritor to level 30. So this reward is a huge chunk, toward the goal.
The real limiter is going to always be irritator, which you will get in a slow drip over time from incubator rewards. (roughly 60,000 needed to get to level 30)
This season is long, almost 39 days. So good luck people.


I’m not sure if this a tongue in cheek post or not , but if anyone really thinks the prize is worth much they must be crazy !


Nerfed magna. Ah we will make pyro the reward :+1:t2:


Yeah way more dna at the costs of the coins and hardcash that were also a reward. And the dna isnt even the component most wanted for this particular hybrid… that just got a nerf.

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Why not just give irritator a parole from arena dino prison now that magna took massive nerf?

Oh I know, that would take work to do that, my bad. What was i thinking. Lolz.


You know what would be an amazing price? 30k for the highest score. Or dna from a not nerfed Dino like diplodocus, or maybe irritator the exclusive part of the hybrid?

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If the reward was something like diplodocus or irritator, we’d just have people complaining about the rich getting richer.

Pyro should not be the top prize. They could’ve done something like have the top prize be 1000 Magna DNA. And a little less for others in the top 10. Then the next bracket will get Pyrritator. And then the next gets Irritator (yes, I know that’s a rare dino, but also more valuable than Pyro). Then the next bracket gets Pyro. Very simple idea to make it worth the effort. But with Pyro being the top prize, it’s just business as usual. I’ll just battle like I always do and end up wherever I end up.


That’s too much, that’d be like St. Patty’s day with an ultra rare unique. I think they learned from that event which is why the tenontorex was pulled from the Easter event.

That’s really not a bad amount in comparison to other events.

Technically it would not do alot for the top 10 at all… alot of them already have magna at 30.

It would really help the people in lower then the top but still rankednwhich would increase competition.

There isn’t really a lot that would help those in the top 10 so they were never whom I was referring.

Pyrritator is nothing like a unique attempt it still requires another component and your still at the mercy of the fusing system.

Yeah but pyrritator is skipping the most difficult to obtain parts of the recipe so it is far more valuable.

I think too many people think too high of the seasons.

People, you are where you are at arena. You are not revolving around 3500, 4000, 4500 tropheys et cetera without a reason. This is where your team is at.
So, it is pointless to start putting some extra effort to get higher and get more pyroraptor DNA. Just play it casual and at the end of the season, you will get some, which is better than none.

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Im just not sure how difficult it is to obtain these days with proper use of sanctuaries you can get over 200 irritator dna every 2 days.

reset boosters before every season tourney, ludia

I need Pyro so I’ll take it. I was so excited to get Magna now I just know people will use the rat. And it really hurt my motive to unlock magna. Soooo close its easily one of my favorite looking and cool dinos in the game. Also, amongst one of the hardest to unlock.

good prize.

considering magna got the top 1 nerf in 1.8, better collect elements to take it to level 40.


It really does seem that someone at Ludia enjoys the irony of it all .
The first seasonal tournament , (after an extraordinary nerf to one of the hardest to obtain uniques which can easily be wiped out in one shot by Draco rat ) , so let’s reward them with ingredients to make the very Dino Ludia just made worthless !
You couldn’t make it up could you ?