Wow one chance at unique!


What the #%{^# !! All I have to say is they want you to buy the incubator what a waste of days waiting for this
Should have known ! Never expect something for free in this world or game hahaha!!


True, all about the money


Your right there brotha!!


Was kinda predictable with Unique as highest rarity.


Yup that’s just how it is with Ludia. There entire focus is on the money, just have to stop giving it to them lol… hopefully next week’s event is better but who knows


Hey, we get BLUE tomorrow and got two other Epics this week. Compared to last week it’s really amazing.

Don’t be disappointed just because you won’t get Indoraptor.


Tooi be fair it’s a level 21 dino. If even halfthe people got it today it would completely screw battles since if you drew it you’d win simply because it’s so high


I don’t care about getting indoraptor tbh, the only reason they included him was to get people to buy the incubators. For the majority of people it’s a bit of a wasted slot. Yes this week was better than last week…I didn’t say it wasn’t. It doesn’t change the fact that all ludia care about is money lol


I’m more excited about blue !! I mean common now it’s BLUE!! Also it’s epic right! So 3 try’s and we will get him I get 16 per perfect shot I will get 100+ each go so I should be able to level blue up once or twice if I do 150 or more each go. With the last epic I leveled up twice :+1::grin: I’m level 11 the higher level you are the more DNA you get in the game period in incubators or shots ect that’s why incubators cost even more because you get a tiny bit more lmao it’s really a joke!!

Am I not right people!???