Wow, something's changed!


Well had a nap with my son, woke up and there are supply drops littered around me! (Rural) looks like they listened :slight_smile:

Also an epic 300m away, only problem is my son’s still asleep on me haha, oh well, I’m sure more will pop up!

Massive improvement!

Supply drop


My street went from 5 drops to 14 :grin::grin:

Let’s see if it affects spawns too


It was even more in the beta than this


more drops are nice, just wish the event realized the parks in my area :frowning:


Yep the same on mine, which is good because there was only 2 around me before and now there is 6 around me,

Although the closest one I wish was a little closer :grin: I have to go to my front door to get in range with it lol


Same here! Thanks for listening Ludia! This makes it so much easier for me to play since I can’t drive anywhere during the day!! (Only one car and live way out in the country.)


Tons of new supply drops in my neighborhood. Awesome!


I also live rural, and we went from no drops to over a dozen within walking distance.
Now if the dogs around the road weren’t buttheads that chase people.




What a difference!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::heart:


I love what theyve done.

I do hope they will still go with playrrs being able to request stops (within reason), let us request certain stops get moved else where/removed (some are in forest areas that I think google calls parks, but really arnt parks or on highways, etc)

Overall, very happy with the progress :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, those changes don’t seem to have reached my country (France). :neutral_face:
I hope we’ll have that increase soon, i love this game !


More around me as well. Now I dont have to break out the hiking boots to get the nearest one. Lol


Don’t be so happy. I also found a lot of new stops on my area (rural) but after the update the majority of them disappeared. The ones remaining are located on the middle of an highway. :triumph::angry:


The update took the drop that was within reach from my house


Hello! Today before the update of the game, it was added supply drop, but after the upgrade disappeared. I ask you to return!
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There are more drops because event, not because they listen to us, when i started this game there where more drops then at the moment i writen this comment. After event they reduce the drops.


Yep. Same here. I am studying im my master degree in a rural area in Brazil. Today it was very easy to get the special green box. And it was 2,beside.


It’s 10pm. Raining like hell. Going to cross the fence and 2 lanes of a highway to go to the drop. Pray for me…

Just kidding… A little more commitment Ludia. !


So I thought that I was unlucky and then I checked, and yeah I have 4 New ones! Epic change!!


Haha hopefully the front door isn’t too far away!