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Wow, the matchmaking is truly fixed...🙄

Look at this balanced matchmaking…


Yeah, my team is level 24/25 and I’ve been up against level 27 to 30 more often than not today. I am assuming it is the effect of the new system and it will level out, but I don’t get why a team of level 30 are anywhere near my trophy count.

Lol you realize team level has less to do with mm now right. This will happen a lot more. Maybe it will balance out some but in the higher arenas itv will still be bad

Saw this in my first match with the new system.

It’s those pesky ones like that is why I always hold my erlidom back then unleash her when the sewer rat comes out to play.


Well, the rat is getting nerfed from the stat rework. Can’t wait for that.

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