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Wow this coin case…

A octastar case!
Double shiny brilliancy! :scream:


Hope it could also give me double reward.:money_mouth_face:


2 merged together and also if you look at the supply drop at the bottom there’s also 2 merged together, weird

Wow, @Tarbosaurus, this is definitely the first time I have ever seen this! Our team would very much like to investigate this further - could you reach out to them at, including your support key and these screenshots? Thanks!

Yeah, that’s been happening to me too after the switchover to a new event. A restart and it goes away.

Just Ludia being Ludia.

Got the alert and shown countdown but none at all showing on my map but I’m going out later so hopefully there just not that close

Yes, I personally think this is just another Kerberos event dino glitch, but happened on coin case at this time.

I reported this, but here’s another problem…

After that, I restarted the game, and that coin case directly disappeared.

Yes, not change back into normal coin case 3D model.
It just disappeared, and replaced by a strike event tower.
I haven’t even go out and collect that one.:cry:

Did you see other chests @Tarbosaurus? I don’t see any in my sight, hope it’s not a buggy “you won’t get one” pop again…

I had a similar thing with the orange supply boxes, two were merged as it were. But clicking on it didn’t give anything double :smirk: I didn’t mind the visual glitch as it didn’t prevent me from gathering stuff and after awhile everything went back to normal without restarting the app. I thought it happened because I was in public transport and clicked on one of these boxes and then I passed it already so I clicked it away and clicked on another one to open and then it started showing two at the same time. Something similar happens when I move back to a previous screen from displaying a dino in my lab and open another one and then two are “merged”. I think it usually happens when I click the return button on my mobile phone instead of the cross in the app. But I am not 100% sure. I have a Samsung.

I found one, but not in my sighting.

As my former reply mentioned, that octastar case disappeared after I restart the game.
So I ride a bike to about 1~2km away, and found another case.

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I found one so there on the map just wasn’t close by

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Thanks guys, I will see if I find one during my next hunt session

I saw this last week. I was still able to grab it though.