Wow... This update really sucks

Where to even begin?

Bait and switch with Rodrigues.
Mad OP creatures.
Bugs introduced.
Moves changed and reworked without warning.
Darting even seems a bit ‘off’.
Animations freezing or jumping.

A new low.


I thought the darting felt “off.”


already made a post about thylaconyx being too op. Granted i like the design, moveset, and new mechanics, it’s a great flock counter, but all this coming from it’s components being quite easily accessible compared to other legendary hybrids is too much.

Also, love how all the creatures with a dodo animation managed to get Alert Peck added to it. (no delay 60% rend move that rally heals in alert) really just spells out “Ludia” in a nutshell. can’t wait for the “2.15 known issues thread” they gotta make cause once again another update done wrong.


cunning not removing dot
darting no idea i suck at it so dont notice :stuck_out_tongue:
didnt knwo about the flocks i,ll look and as for thyla i love that thing and be quiet or they will throw in an event eexclusive…at least it gives alot of people a chance of getting good dino.

big gold sloth and mapleosspinos raid the skins are broken.
hitting auto fill on a nearly filled lobby kicks you and the rest out of the lobby and throws you in some random ones with random folk.
and the beat goes ooooon

I love thylaconyx

I dont like the random raid stuff. it will be useless beyond epic raid bosses. The power creep continues and is now at all time high. Clearly in for the quick money and then when the hype around Dominion vanishes its shut down shop for this game.


The developers and programming department of this game for making it easier and easier to save money each update.

I feel this one could be good enough for me finally say goodbye.

Thank you very much for your hard work…


Come on, man. Don’t do that. Wait till Dominion. Perhaps I will join you after that.

I mean, I know coding can be tricky and all, but - why does cloak and dodge now look like a bad christmas light display? The shiny clear light tracing on the creatures form is now all red and green, and sometimes only the green goes away making the creature look like it has a vulnerability on it. This has cloak/dodge visual has been in the game since freakin’ launch… how can they screw it up now?

Impressive start, Jam City… Anniversary coming up, June I believe? Enjoy this one, as I have a sneaking suspicion it will be the last.


Every time the map loads, so much freezing to the point you can’t even dart things. Wasnt as bad before the update, now? It’s pretty bad.


I have a powerful phone, but now the game has been so much freeze since the new update that it’s almost unplayable… So thank you, that was a GREAT update.


I have my suspicion the game is coming to its end so they want to make as much money as possible when they still can! This would explain why they introduce so many OP creatures every update. It’s a madness that they just added a cunning creature with shields breaking move! How is that good to this game? And of course it’s a flock!

There is no need to create so many new uniques, and more importantly so unbalanced with all those ridiculous moves! Many big spenders can level them up and max boost in matter of days but majority of the player base can’t do it so quickly. The meta changes are too quick and that is the fact. I do think that huge waves of casual and regular players will abandon the game because what is the point playing or grinding DNA when all those creatures they invested so much time will be useless in a few weeks time? I wonder when big spenders will see that they are being used…


My theory is they purposely add OP creatures so players will spend to level them up and then nerf them back down to mediocre later when they introduce shiny new OP creatures.


Do not forget the here’s 400 daily dna then change it back.

How do things that are not touched in an update get messed up?

“The new paint job on my car made all the tires flat and now the window won’t roll up.”


It’s a very good question. I also can’t understand from a coding perspective how that can happen


My guess was they were testing some added benefits for the upcoming pass track changes and forgot to take them out

I wonder if they have an opening for a quality control or something? Evidently they need some.


That raises the question are their coders on an internship?


Maybe, my guess would be high turnover.


The alert peck doesn’t do damage when threatened just heals and debuffs it’s pretty balanced really