Wow... This update really sucks

I’ve been wondering the same, especially in light of this (this is the platform JWA uses). I know at least one other big game that runs on this platform announced to its members months ago that it would find a new solution. Radio silence from Ludia, though! They very well could be working on a POI system replacement, but the fact that we don’t know worries me, especially when it also feels like they’re pushing extra hard for money right now at the expense of balanced/enjoyable gameplay.


I too have been wondering about JamCity-Ludia’s position on this subject. Are they going to close servers? Will they make their own GPS system? They have 6 months left before the service closes and until the end of the year for it to be terminated completely. The community deserves to know their plans. They can’t just leave it until the last minute.


Sure they can and they’ll make a bunch of new creatures and features to have you spending to the last minute.

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You know, that was my mistake there, I had to be more specific. It’s Ludia, of course they can, what I meant was that they shouldn’t


Meta-breaking creatures, tons of issues with new abilities, extra bugs with the update, and major bugs that still haven’t been fixed in ages. The only things I liked about this update were the creature designs (notice how I say the designs only), raid matchmaking (when your team actually knows what they’re doing), and the Troodoboa buff. While I’m still going to use Albertocevia, I’d prefer if it, as well as everything else in the update, wasn’t a cash cow only meant for money with no care for the players put into it whatsoever.

Money doesn’t talk, the community does. Many people love this game to death, including me, and want to see it improved. Please fix the game before it dies.


There is absolutely no doubt that this update has created so many more issues while solving none.

So many of my alliance members are saying the lag is making the game almost unplayable. Waiting so long before being able to dart, not able to join raids and when finally joining a raid finding themselves unable to choose dinos as they are catching up etc…… This may well be down to their devices being older, I get that but surely one shouldn’t need a brand new device to play this game? Other games work fine so why doesn’t this?

The map issue will need to be resolved and we deserve to know what the plan is. Why are Jam City silent in this matter?

To say on the one hand a new Dino will spawn and then midway through the update change it to exclusive is bait and switch. Simple fact and an underhand way to behave. Not good at all and whoever made this decision should be ashamed of themselves. I can’t say how disappointed I was to see this.

I fully understand a game needs a steady stream of revenue in order to survive but there are surely better ways to do this aren’t there? Micro transactions like offered by PoGo are a way more lucrative way to move forward. Make the offers useful but not so expensive and more people will spend.


That’s the worst ‘patch’ since the release… it’s almost unplayable due the stuttering and hasn’t been fixed so far. (If a Snapdragon 870 isn’t enough for this game, then I don’t know what’s enough.)

And a lot of bugs… I don’t want to play PvP like this. I lost matches due the Cunning Rampage bug and yesterday a Geminititan hit me with a full powered Shield Advantage, while I debuffed him with Super Distraction. Wonderful update and I’d rather not even talk about the many visual glitches.

Just a question: does anyone test these patches before they are released to players? I can’t imagine what the players realize in 10 minutes won’t show up during the tests.


Maybe the game will be over by the end of this year when Google Maps Platform Gaming Services ends. That would explain a lot.


Of course the new creatures are all OP. What a cash grab


The arena is disgusting.

It makes me really sad to say.


It was slow before but it got even worse this update. I have a lot of games on my phone and nothing else comes close to the lagging and freezing of JWA.

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I looked for this thread all the way down so I wouldn’t create another one. Game just made me use two scents in a row because of the STUPID LAGS that made me press the button twice. Ridiculous, pathetic… I know teenagers who would do a better job programming a game than this…

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Could you just imagine if ANY OTHER business conducted themselves like this and released such a sub-par product?