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WoWD Lately & Mental Health

I reached out the MSCS team more than several days ago. Please respond.

In addition I’ve had a support ticket open since September 10th. Which has been marked “conversation closed” repeatedly. Then reopened.

Ludia’s recent decision to allow a raid where multi hour/day long sessions were not unusual has affected many. Communication is Necessary!

I have the following problems

  1. None of my support requests have been answered for 20 days.
  2. I engaged in the Raid and 7 hours and 39 minutes of my progress was lost - with no acknowledgment from support.
  3. I have now been forcibly given Joppa.
  4. I can’t continue to play on my account until i confirm accepting Joppa with nearly no equipment - locked out.
  5. I can’t play, use my subscription, support my guild.
  6. Unable to finish Rally.

The purpose of the Sept 10th ticket was simply to confirm information regarding Joppa from forum posts. Furthermore, to make sure I would be able to elect not to recruit him.

Update: Several in my Guild can’t log in. Unable to finish earning Rally keys.

Please, just help with login to start. Thank you

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MSCS does not handle support tickets.

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to escalate the situation and point in the right direction of who does handle support tickets? Rather than say who doesn’t.

You work for the company right. How is a dismissive 1 line response in any way suitable for the size of this complaint? It even mentions mental health in the title.


No. @J.C

But. They do pass feedback to the developers. And that’s why they were contacted.

I wouldn’t expect anyone but Support to handle support tickets.

I am not a mental health provider so it’s not my place to comment, you all have access to support so I felt that was already addressed

Fair enough @jackrrabbit, I’ll let them know.


World class customer service.

I dont expect ludia to be very receptive to discussing mental health issues or gaming addiction. Their entire business model revolves around providing a below average gaming experience and hoping that by the time people realise this they are addicted. So instead of just leaving which is what a reasonable person would do they will pay money in a vain attempt to try and improve their experience.