Write reviews on the app


Simple, they won’t listen to the community on the forum? Write a review adressing your problems on the app itself, let’s make them feel what we need by denying new members.


Why would you want to write bad reviews on the android or apple store? If it’s something you’ve personally had a problem with then of course you can post “YOUR” personal opinion. However; you should avoid trying to get others to join in on posting negative fake reviews as depending on where in the world you’re from, if a developer wanted too they could sue you for slander/defamation.

Eitherway, would you care to explain why you’re feeling this way? At least then people can share their feedback with you.

But saying that a developer doesn’t listen to it’s community just because they don’t post on their forums, doesn’t mean they do not have staff who review the comments and gather that feedback. Sometimes you just need patience and provide feedback via the forums, so the developer is made aware of the ongoing problems that people are having, so they can fixed as soon as possible.

Lastly you need to remember updates to the game can not be released until Apple has approved the update, as with Android they could release it the moment it’s created, but they wish to be consistent between both devices.

Just my 2cents!


Well, I don’t know how much you read the forum, but I’ve been here for the past 2 weeks. I’ve seen COUNTLESS complaints, main problem is the fact that the game become unplayable unless you pay for it. Problems with bugs in pvp, the list goes on. The ONLY posts the devs ever react to are the posts that involve payment issues, and even then, I’ve read complaints of people that still had to wait 3-5 days until they got the stuff they paid for.

I don’t ask to post fake reviews, I ask to adress the many problems to them in a way that they do see it and stop ignoring the problems.

Also it’s not a crime to publish a review that is not positive. Why would reviews exist if you can only publish the positive ones.