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Writer Appreciation

As an aspiring writer myself I have a healthy appreciation for those who are out there making a living doing it.

Now… as a geek person I’ve also played way too many :cheese: mobile games. Choice based reading games and recently LoveLink are my usual go to for mobile.

It’s pretty obvious that at least one of the LoveLink writers runs on coffee and sarcasm. Much like myself. Sarcastic folks are like The Borg. We will assimilate. Maybe more like that creepy magnetic putty but I digress…

I am constantly cracking up over the pop culture references and amusing little quips thrown in the middle.

Most recently was Adam and how everything in Paris reminds him of MC. Even the pastries. This steers the conversation to manifestation. Adam says he will build MC out of pasteries.

I pictured it. Sitting across the table in Paris, is MC. Made entirely out of pastries and Adam just happily blabbing away to it as if it were really MC. Enter the hangry birds… :rofl:

This is just the most recent example. I legitimately giggle-snort alot while reading through the stories and it makes me appreciate the H. E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS… out of the writers.

Thank you writers! (Even though you’ll probably never see this unless Ed or someone passes it along.)


The one that got to me and made me laugh was the mc flirting with Felicia and she’s like stop flirting this is serious

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Sharing this with our team! Thank you, Teal. :smiley:


Thank you for sharing it :heart:

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Ohh, did you read the latest update on Franz? It’s hilarious :joy: I’d really love to see the team while they were writing it!

So I somehow ended up chosing to “moon the judges from the stage” option and now I’m wondering what I signed up my MC for :exploding_head:

The ritual cracked me up so bad. :rofl: Super cute but hilarious too.

Franz is a very well written character! Charming and humorous with a distinct personality. The banter in their conversations with MC is great. I love joking with Franz.

I really appreciate Sage and the Baba Yaga references in her story. The mandatory half-wolf intimacy scene was not my cup of tea, but I do really find her social anxieties relatable, and I totally sympathized with how she rushed off on the first date.

Another favorite of mine is Rafael. That’s probably a less popular story with fans, but I find it very intriguing, and I love the creepy atmosphere and how it keeps me guessing.


Oh, also, as much as I love to complain about Hugo and think he’s kind of the worst, whoever writes that story does a good job of getting me emotionally invested and sparking a strong reaction. Every time he returns I’m like, “Oh, this mess again… Excellent.”


Daniel/Ryan’s arc is well written and doesnt get the attention it deserves


Part of me wonders if they put that one on the back burner because of the pandemic, but I’m very interested in his research potentially starting a zombie epidemic. :sweat_smile: Also I am weirdly invested in the well-being of his mice.

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I made an account to say thanks after lurking for a while. I have been playing Lovelink for about a month and a half now, but have been really depressed over the past few months. Whenever I play Lovelink I always end up cracking up a lot and my mood is lifted. I have so many favorite matches for various reasons but humor-wise I especially think Emerson is hilarious. So thanks Lovelink writers! :slight_smile:


And please please bring back Capt Muffin we still dont know if the owner is male or female

I really loved the first part of Noah/Antoine’s story, it was so romantic and adventurous, just like Jack London’s novels! And I was really sad when it got somewhat dragged-out and frustrating :cry: