Wrong account reset

I have 2 accounts. I had asked for the reset of one, on which I had like 15 diamonds, and you reset the other one, on which I had 2800 diamonds cause I had just bought the 3600 diamonds offer. It’s like you deleted me 12 euros. I already asked 2 times for the recovery of my old account but no answer from the support team in the last few days. I can’t believe you would keep my money even if the mistake has been yours and not mine… I imagine that 12 euros are nothing for you but they are a lot for me… Please revert back my account :pray:

Hey Emanuela_Zanella, I’m very sorry to hear that happened! If you had already created a follow-up message with our team, our team will be sure to try their best in helping you with correcting this.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating the message you’ve sent before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue.