Wrong Alliance Rewards Showing

Is it just me or did they change the rewards? Me and my friends are seeing something completely different rewards showing a day in the week?

Hey StinkyPanda, could you provide a screenshot of the rewards you are seeing? Thanks!

@Ned these are different rewards than what was showing yesterday . Yesterday’s included sloth and the epic deer .

Screenshot_20201215-191135 Screenshot_20201215-191122Screenshot_20201215-191409

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Hey Kristen_Jackson_Roe, the rewards shown in the game at the moment, should be the correct ones.


Screenshot_20201215-215827_JW Alive Screenshot_20201215-215842_JW Alive Screenshot_20201215-215849_JW Alive
This is something that should be corrected. I know I dont appreciate the bait and switch that occurred with the new mission rewards. I was/am looking forward to the giant sloth dna


Ned, could you tell Ludia that pulling the nasuto (an exclusive) out from under the feet of the players is NOT cool. Especially with the previous update already making us quite uneasy


Ludia at it’s finest.

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Anyways the current rewards are better than the previous one :joy:

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How are those the correct ones if it clearly says that the new ones should’ve been the deer and the sloth? It says that the mission rewards changes on Monday but this changed the day after announcing the first set of rewards. I’m pretty sure a lot of people remember seeing the deer before seeing the smilodon.

Maybe for the defense but I really needed that yoshi DNA and I bet a good amount of people would’ve wanted DNA for their poukaidei

Hey there, StinkyPanda. The Alliance Mission rewards shown in-game at the moment should be the correct ones.

The information from the news tab has been forwarded to our team. Thank you, @Dave_Cross!

The alliance rewards have changed back to match the ones listed on the news feed in game. It was confirmed on the 15th to be incorrect and the rewards are supposed to be the ones listed below. We just want to know what we are actually getting.

That’s still the wrong list. This is the right list which was temporarily changed on Tuesday to that one you’re showing and the new one would be found on this forum: [Alliances] Alliance Missions | DNA Rewards (2020)


My apologies, everyone. The Alliance Missions rewards note was updated, and the listed DNA in-game and on the notes now are the correct set.

Thank you!

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