Wrong ban

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Best contact ludia for that… You should have a email Adress on the notification that you’ve been banned if you want answears

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My girlfriend got a 3 day ban this morning and she doesn’t know how to cheat if she wanted to. She just got off a temporary 1 day ban like 2 weeks ago for no reason. And emailing Ludia doesn’t help because they never got back to her about the first one. But she sent another email off about this one. If it keeps up with the escalation of unintentional bans, I’m just going to get our money back and go to a different game that doesn’t do that.


Sometimes they ban for saying something that goes against their filters in the in game chat.

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I’d have to check her chat but I’m pretty sure that’s not the issue. She doesn’t use the chat aspect. They should list a reason for the ban, like a code or something. Not just leave you in the dark and not respond to your inquiries.


They are not reply

Same here, logged in to find myself enjoying a 3 day ban. Contacted support but I’m wondering if the ban will expire before they even get back to me.

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Chances are they will not respond back until it is done and over with. Usually how the bans work

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This seems to happen every time there’s a ban wave…

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So you are saying that when there is a ban wave, innocent players are also swept up in this ban?

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Yes sure why they are doing to fair players

When they banned my wife for 3 hours they never said why. They responded about a week later and apologized about it but didn’t say what happened and she didn’t get any sort of compensation.
When you accidentally ban someone you really need to do something about it.
Crazy lady took it out on me like it was my fault.


I’ve read and re-read the “fair play” rules and there isn’t a single rule I’m in violation of. I used to play this game while I would be out driving for Uber eats (not while driving of course) and even stopped doing that in fear I’d get another ban like two weeks ago for 24 hours. Since then my playing time has been cut down to maybe 30 mins to an hour a day.

I heard not only me some of the other players are band from the game

Lydia gotta keep that sweet sweet customer service reputation going…or is it a stigma at this point? not sure, depends how many sales they planning to add >.<!

I have heard many others saying that they also got banned and by the time they even got a response the ban was already over, which is terrible way to run things. I bet if it was an account issue preventing their subscription being paid they would visit the player in person to resolve it.

Ahh Lydia, you are indeed Lydia!

Love your Hot Shots name reference. But you may want to tone down your language. You gonna get flagged by someone.

There was an issue that happened I think a number of months back where heaps of players got accidentally banned due to an error, they did fix it but I don’t recall if they offered extra playtime to the users accounts due to the wasted subscription, but im gunna assume they didnt.

Actually how does Ludia ban players? Are there evidence in their database of people cheating? And what exactly are these marks that show people are cheating?

Ludia can’t be randomly picking players to ban. They must have some justification. Just curious.

if it’s hopping from point to point a lot, that isn’t an accurate way to go about it. Sitting at work, my phone will jump me about half a mile down the road for about 30-60 seconds before jumping me back. Happens a good number of times throughout the day.

Bot flagged account for spoofing, cheating in some way or just a potty mouth in the alliance chat.

Bot then checks if you gave money to Ludia. If not ban hammer.