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Wrong cash received after maintenance

Please, help me to understand.
I bought a lot of (I think 8-10 enough) 500$ boosts in last weeks and I received “only” 3000/3500$ (passed from 8*** to 11700$).
Why someone who never bought ONE boost got 5000/7000 or more?
I will quit the game if this problem won’t be solved.
I wrote to the assistance in game but I will not receive answer, are there other ways to open a ticket in order to receive all the cash I deserve?
I find it inconceivable to have received less money than those who spent nothing on boosts. Also because this money means boosts that can be bought in the game, and therefore I will be disadvantaged in the arena.
Hurry up, otherwise many will leave this time, including a VIP and passionate like me.

I’m sorry to hear that, @Frankmauro90, and I can understand your frustration.

If you think you received the incorrect amount of in-game Cash during the rollback, our team would be more than happy to assist you further with this once they get a chance to review your ticket.

Hi Ned, so what should I do?
However, I have received very much less than I should, considering that a lot of people who bought NOTHING received 5000/7000 or more cash (for example my girlfriend and some alliance friend). What happened??? I will be happy when I will receive more than them.

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Email support… With the queries include your support key and they will contact you in time

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I wrote 6 hours ago to
How long does it take to get an answer? I’m in a hurry because I’m meeting people much more boosted than I am, It’s very hard win a match now.

It depends to be honest sometimes a few days could be a week, but won’t be over the weekend.

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Wrong cash on here too. The dollar symbol is supposed to be used before the amount.

Still haven’t gotten my 1500 hard cash back. Already contacted support last week and still haven’t even gotten a reply.

Same. No answer.

Same here, I haven’t been refunded for anything yet I spent dino cash on bundles. It hasn’t been 48 working hours yet so I’m not surprised we haven’t heard back. I am consistently surprised by Ludia’s decision to do things like this on Friday, knowing there will be issues. Open communications is the bedrock of customer relations and doing big things on a Friday is silly (for lack of a better word).