Wrong currency


Why would I want to know how many USD something is if I’m in the UK :woman_shrugging:t2:

Offer for US only

The offer for Pyraraptor is apparently US only . Also it is priced at $49.95.


Is it really that hard to convert the amount? Plus $50 is basically the price of a full video game, you actually buying this overpriced pack?


Don’t matter at all because 1. It would not let me buy it (product not available) 2. They removed it from the store!

Ludias loss is my gain now I have 49.95 that I didn’t spend


I have a no interest for 6 months deal so I would have gotten it if it let me


No I’m not buying it :joy:
It also isn’t hard to convert, I just wondered why it’s like that.


Don’t recall saying anything about it being hard to convert :thinking:


The conversion will be the interesting bit. I suspect it will be £49.95. As a matter of interest how much is your store offering 15000 game currency for? In the UK it is £99.95 so $132 US . Bet it is cheaper in other countries!!!


It’s changed now to. T.Rex at £48.99… which I suspect is $49.99… so it should be less than £38 :roll_eyes:

Not that I would even pay £40 for a digital dinosaur but it’s a bit of a joke if they’re not converting it properly.


No, I am in asia, and it just shows the currency for my place from the beginning.
However, if converse to USD, it’s $54.5, about 9% more expensive.


48.99 gbp would be 64.79 usd :flushed: