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Wrong damage calculation on Erlidom vs Erlidom?


Since the update I have fought two level 23 Erlidom and mine is also level 23. When rampaging both times, it leaves my opponent with a health of 1 instead of completely killing it. They were not stat boosted.

Level 23 Erlidom stats in app -
2591 health
1296 attack

Rampage 1296*2 should be 2592 but instead is doing 2590 damage.

Before the update a rampage would completely kill an identical level Erlidom. Is this a bug in calculation?


Most likely a calculation issue. Ppl in the alliance are noticing other issues as well.


Think they tweaked some stats on a small scale and neved bothered mentioning it… dracocera survives erli rampage now with 1 health at 30 now as well.

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Yep both of these are problems


Well that’s fun. Glad it’s not only me. Wonder how long until the calculations gets fixed.


That’d be in 1.8. Oh, wait, every update there’ll be more bugs introduced and none of the known issues fixed… Guess we’ll have to live with it and take every new bug as “new feature”.

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