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Wrong Dino Attack Stat in PvP

Just noticed something really strange in my latest modded PvP. My level 30 spinoraptor’s attack got halved for no reason. Opponent MODs should not be having such effect on my team. @Ned?

In the 2nd pic he looks surprised.


This is the issue I was talking about with the MOD on the opponent side, first attack it is supposed to half the attack but it seems to stick, in my scenario my second creature also had its attack halved.


The other day when I was playing a mod battle one of my creatures attack stat showed 5 in the middle of the fight…literally just 5, but when I went with the attack it was the appropriate amount. Strange.

I’m not getting why the first attack should be halved. There’s no Terrify or even Intimidation on opposing side. In my case study, I had already hit the opposing dino with the Tough Skin once, so that halving isn’t in effect. In any case, I’ve always had to anticipate the halving when facing Tough Skin, never had my attack halved.

Because of the mod on the first creature:

In the other post I did this was were I was talking about this MOD having a glitch associated with it were it some how freezes the attack stat of the creature that attacks it instead of only the one attack

In my case, I had hit the Tough Skin with my now KO’d Wuerhosaurus. This 30 spinoraptor is the next dino up. That’s when I noticed the reduced attack, took a pic, and the game crashed out. I didn’t pay attention to whether my wuerhosaurus’ attack was halved earlier on. Presumably, if my 30 spinoraptor were knocked out, then the next Dino’s attack would also be halved.

Just played another PvP using the Tough Skin, and noticed the same impact on opponent’s dino by my Tough Skin MOD. I think it was a level 18 indominus Rex with attack down to 455 or something close. If it works both ways, I say we just learn how this MOD functions and move on. That makes Tough Skin highly valuable, imho.

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My situation was the same as yours first creature attacked and attack was cut in half, it then died second creature came in and attack was halved before it even attacked. Third creature was unaffected. For sure not working as intended.


Mine did that too! Still attacked normal though.

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I’ve informed our team. Thanks for reporting this, DinoStan.


Still an issue but I payed more attention to it this time…

This was my second creature coming in after the tough skin was already completed/used with my first creature. You can see that what is being displayed up top is my creatures attack as being halved, but you can also see at the bottom it is calculating off of my full attack, and after I attacked I got credit for the full attack. Not sure if it is just a display issue but it sure does throw you off when you see the attack stat halved, and even more so if it is your opponent.