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Wrong dino in 8 hr incubators


I’m on the 7th arena and it says (incubator dinos) and the epic one is t-rex but i only get stygimoloch dna guarenteed + random epic dna. I tried knocking myself down to arena 6 and back to 7 to try to refresh it but no luck. I rarley ever get t-rex dna from that incubator. When i first started the game t-rex was in the first arena and i’d get t-rex dna almost every time and I’m 90% sure that sygi was the arena 7 epic dino at first. Is there a way 2 fix it or am i stuck with stygi dna for that arena?


It’s the same for everyone 15 guaranteed stygi and maybe another epic if you’re lucky


What it means is now rex is possible for you to get from incubators. Unless youre that arena or higher he isnt gonna be in them


Stygi is the only Arena exclusive Epic … that’s why he’s included as a bonus in every 8 hour Incubator in every Tier (from 1000+) … he’s just a bonus, before change you got just half as many Epic DNA (just the random slot).


Ok thanks 4 the info everyone