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Wrong dino spawn in parks using scents

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Bug Description: wrong dino spawn using scent

Area is was found in: Only in parks or green areas

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- use any scent in a park or green areas
Step 2 - it will spawn Only dinos of the base layer (if the park is on a local 2 for example, only you will get those local dinos instead the park dinos)

How often does it happen: since the las update 1.9

What type of device are you using: Xiaomi Redmi note 7

Ludia “balanced/fixed” scents, now they don’t spawn park creatures

As far as I could understand, they did this on purpose and don’t plan on fixing it till the next update. We figure it’s because they are (and I haven’t looked) going to sell turtle incubators and they don’t want it easily available using scents. Money, money, you know.

yeah i mean ludia “fix” the issue when you use a scent and if the spawn isn’t that you looking for there was a chance to get another dinos, but with this change on 1.9 even if you use a common large scent looking for lythronax or purussaurus gen 2, it won’t spawn either. It’s really sad actually because the weekends it’s when i can play more in the day

They did not even fix that. Absolutely zero fixes were made, a feature was taken out.