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Wrong HP for the wrong dragons

So, I was fighting a battle, winning against dragons 2* and 3* fully trained with no difficulty, then wave 2 & I come across a pair of 1* Boltstampers and they take ages to defeat… I checked their’s status and they had more than 2000 HP, which is much more than what the Gutsy Boltstampers, 2* hybrid offspring of Skill + Rumblehorn, according to my breedery’s data for a fully trained Boltstamper. Something smells fishy in here.

Note: this is about level 21/46 of Wild Woodland.

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This happened again with 2* Thunderdrums on level 28/46, Wild Woodland. While I had no real issue defeatin them, it only took a few moments, I find that those dragons’ HP are also wrong. In fact, they are almost double the HP that breedery dictates a fully trained Tectonic Thunderdrum can have.

And this time, I took evidence too.


That’s by design. The enemy gets stats our dragons dont

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So, you’re saying they couldn’t design the raiding dragons to be of legit HP so as not to contradict the data that dictates our dragons’ maximum HPs, nevermind how the dragons are the same species?

Yes, attack, defense are all different, but then again mechanics of spirit are different as well

If they didnt do this, they would have had to have designed tons more dragons. Easier to tweak some stats


This is normal for Story Mode. A few whales here have posted screenshots of dragons with ~3k power per dragon, and I don’t even remember the hp.

The trick, though, is that only their HP scales. I was originally worried that all of their stats scale, but the reality that a couple of people helped me realize - is that their unknown attack/defense values are in fact tied to their star-training. Obviously in your case the Thunderdrums were “maxed out” and then scaled, but you’ll later see 1400 4s dragons that are not 4s-trained. Thus is the game’s attempt at keeping content challenging, progressive yet accesible.


I see, so this isn’t a bug. Thank you guys.