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Wrong HPs again

Shouldn’t it have been a 2* at the very least? I it’s said this is normal, but it still makes no sense some times.

That is normal, they designed it that way in the storyline. Since they can’t add that many new dragons or 7*+ they instead adjust the dragons health and damage. That’s why it becomes harder so your dragons need more training. Also said here which you created the forum for.


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I remember that post, I just got frustrated again. Sometimes the game can be crazy. Like, one minute I am fighting dragons that are really powerful and trained to 3rd or even 4th *, and then… this.

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That’s why I said it happened again.

I just currently reached Coldwind Wastes on level 2 out of 78. Yes 78 Lol. And their power that i come up against averages at about 5656. It’s a tough journey but now I’m just farming for those 3* Scales so i can start to max out my 5* dragons.

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Oh woah! It’s an accomplishment to get that far, good luck.

Thanks for linking, however, what I should add, and perhaps you could verify it - is that stats aren’t exactly tied to stars. What Feather linked and what I’ve seen happening in later levels is that very low-star dragons(I assume for balance purposes) are upscaled through the roof, but clearly they don’t scratch you for 20-30 damage as a 450 dragon would.

But… according to other deep endgame people, the damage of these dragons ranges from 450 to 600. I didn’t quite get the confirmation of what was the normal color or strong color damage, but if most dragons max out at around 550-600 attack, and having similar attack-to-defense still reduces the damage by about 25-30%(if you had like 300ATK vs 300DEF dragon), then… Either those 600 hits were strong color, that would be normal and explainable, or these dragons do in fact have attack scaled above 550-600.
Could you comment on that?

Well on Lvl2 in Coldwind Wastes, i came across 2 different 4* Purple dragons as shown below:


I’m going to list 3 of my dragon’s stats stating attack/defence against the enemy which will be 1 Purple, 1 Yellow and 1 Blue (Green or Red could be used but ill just use the Blue to save myself from writing more, will also be using photos too) Also note no abilities were used by either side that effected damage/defence.
First my Blue Dragon:
On Defence: They dealt an average (non-crit) damage of roughly 260-280. (The 2 Purples shown above deals the same average damage)
On Attack: My Blue dealt an average 81-97 damage to either enemy.

Next my Yellow Dragon:
On Defence: They dealt around 400-430 damage to my Yellow
On Attack: My Yellow dealt an average 101-115 damage to either enemy.

Lastly my Purple dragon:
On Defence: They dealt an average 137 (against it’s own colour) to my Purple.
On Attack: My Purple dealt an average 34-36 to either enemy.

I’m not an expert at this but there! That’s a lot to write on a phone and i took my time and patience into this (No big deal, just helping the community because I’m that helpful guy):ok_hand:. At the moment it’s all i got. If you don’t understand any bits or pieces please ask me.


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Actually, no, I understood everything and I really appreciate the effort. I’ve been looking into the ATK\DEF workings, and my previous assumptions were wrong. Ability damage seems to always be reduced by ~30%. Regardless of DEF values, even if you use a low power dragon against a high power one or vice versa.
However, from my tests at 1000 power and below, and from your tests which show similar data, one tile is worth ~20% of the dragon’s ATK. So, for example with a 491 dragon, if you divide it by 5 - it’s ~98. Maybe slightly less due to enemies having higher DEF, though according to maxed out dragon data, Obsurd and Gloomy cap out at 470-480DEF, which is still below 491ATK.

Anyway, your yellow dragon dealt 20%+50% strong color, (421\5)x1.5 should be about 126 damage, yours wasn’t higher than 115. And took strong color damage, also 270x1.5=405

And, of course, purple took and dealt weak color damage, so 50% less. (415\5)x0.5 is ~41, and 137 is clearly about half of 270.

Now, you could say that the tile damage is not 20%, but in my tests with 380-410 dragons, they were all dealing ±80 damage to any dragons below 1000 power. Never actually above 20% of ATK, but hardly below, because a 15% would be 60, not 80.

What’s curious, though, is that if I fought enemies of 1200+ power, the damage did in fact get reduced by about 25%, the per-tile damage became 60.

While this isn’t exactly what I wanted to know originally, it helps with my current analysis. I haven’t monitored the incoming damage, but I’ll take your values (140weak-270normal-410strong at ~450ATK vs 470DEF) into consideration.

Turned out the final wave had a green with just over 3k health haha

@Wirxaw I have just over a 2 minute video of a battle on lvl4. Is there anywhere i can post it?

Youtube, most likely. Unless you are an iOS user, though it shouldn’t be impossible even then. If you are an Android user, you just do like: “Open video>share>youtube> set it to unlisted, once it’s done processing - drop the link, here or in PM”.

Didn’t know what you meant by unlisted but here:
It’s not clear even thought it was on a s10, must be format or something.