Wrong incubator dinos

I’m at trophy score 3200 and for a long time now I don’t get the appropriate dinos in the incubators. I still get stygimoloch as the 8hr special. Is this a glitch and how can I stop it? Would like to see some new dinos

It’s totally normal.
Not glitch, and don’t need any fix.

Supposed to get ornithomimus t rex allosaurus and giraffittian and baryonix gen 2. But not seem them in incubators for months

As stated in countless other threads in this forum this is additional Stygi DNA for the (besides Alanqua and Pteranodon) only Arena only Epic. Be happy about it, it doesnt take anything away from you. Getting into a new Arena just adds the new Arena Dinos to your pool of DNA you can possibly get. But in a higher Arena you’ll get more DNA.

Sorry, new to this forum thing. Thanks I get it now.