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Wrong incubator for strike

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Bug Description: The premium incubator isn’t in the map, instead it is a normal epic strike.

Area is was found in: everywhere around the city.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- open the game
Step 2 - look at the map
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every time

What type of device are you using: android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Messed up. Very much indeed. Even the Mods have now lost their words and decide to keep quiet. So very unprofessional.

Lunch Box Treasure Chests on Saturday and Sunday were all messed up. Broken promises.

Premium incub strike tower is a mess. Broken promises.

Even this week’s schedule hasn’t been announced.

:eyes: :mag_right:

So, may we all the players know what’s up?

Other than no voice message…

Hey Bryan_Lucas, the incubator should have been an Epic one.

Apologies for the confusion, everyone!

Is that it? Ludia are like “oh we put the wrong image up, deal with it”?

What about @E.D saying the treasure chase would be ALL week and respawn every hour? Can you ask about that? @Ned

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Hey GPx, poking our team about it.

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@GPx that’s what they always do I’m not surprised

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@Ned of course :expressionless:

Hey GPx, I’ve just received more information from our team regarding the Treasure Chase this past weekend. The Treasure Chase was meant to spawn once per day, sadly.

My apologies again, everyone. :sweat:

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@Ned you got no reason to apologise. Thanks for letting us know.

Ludia on the other hand are disgusting with their comms. They said it will be ALL week. It was meant to respawn hourly. So the weekly incubator reward that replaced the Treasure Chase due to lockdown was so much more rewarding than the 500 coins a lot of people got from the chests.

This is disgusting.


In all seriousness, I can clearly see the cap was 25k. So how could we possibly get that 25k coins if it only spawn once a day?

What a joke…:rofl:


@Ned this is disappointing… so that it then??? So I’m going to guess that this weekend the chase will be the same thing…wow… just wow… I guess I’m not all that surprised though… @Ned thanks for poking them but if this was all the info they gave…That’s just… well… you know


Can’t have a cap for something if they’re planned to spawn once per day. (also, this is a direct downgrade from what it was, just wow)

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So I previously raised a support ticket regarding this back on Sunday, finally got my response today and the guy went on about the fact they can’t do much about distribution of spawn points near me…

The dude completely failed to read what I said in the support ticket. What a waste of time. All makes sense now why there’s so many mistakes with this game because there’s no-one paying attention to what they are doing.

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Shows how good the company is. Pretty much any other company, when they goofed would at a minimum give what was advertised, and would sometimes even give an additional gift for their error in apology. Not Ludia. Sorry, we “messed up”, deal with it. Honestly, with all the false advertising, terrible communication (not a knock on the mods on this forum, it’s not their fault the company doesn’t keep them in the loop) and “glitches” (that become features when it is convenient for Ludia and makes them more money) it is a wonder they don’t have a bunch of lawsuits on their hands. Truly astounding. This game has so much potential, but they consistently find ways to make it less than what it should be.

Well that is a bit of a drowning effect then but i personally got 2 x epic strike towers on the same day so i smashed both of them out real quick in case there was a mistake but the strike towers i found in the game were the following.
1 x epic strike tower ( 5 battles ) Spelling Bee Strike 12 rare, 136 common dna, 188 game coins, 5 x darts.
1 x epic strike tower ( 1 battle ) Expert Recess Trial 397 epic dna, 662 rare dna, 7,552 common dna, 11,250 game coins.
Both of these epic strike towers were available on the same day because i also had a shot at getting Darwezopteryx dna as well… which i got a lousy 75 of ( dang thing flitted about like a buzzsaw in a hurricane making it hard to get a decent amount of dino dna from it lol