Wrong math in some skills debuff


Hi ludia, i found these issue:

a lvl 17 Einiasuchus does 500 dmg using Ferous Strike with instant creeple. If you read the descritption it reduce 90% of dmg, that means if the damage where 5000 i receive 500. But, the dmg of that attack is like 1500… it should be 150.

Plz fixed the description or the dmg :(.
It only happens with some mix of buff and debuff

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Hmm…I’ve never encountered this problem before. Instant Cripple reduces target damage by 90% for 1 turn–it’s not like a shield that last 2-3 turns. Furthermore, it’s not a guaranteed 90% reduction if your opponent scores a critical hit.

Einiasuchus’s Ferocious Strike allows it to hit opponents with 50% additional damage for 3 turns. So having 1500 damage dealt to you using either Ferocious Strike or Stunning Impact is not out of the ordinary. If Einia managed to deal 1500 damage (without a critical hit) in the same turn that you used Instant Cripple, then I’d say it’s a bug. But generally speaking, Instant Cripple is a 1-turn move, and it does not negate additional attack damage outside of the turn that it is used (unless the opponent switches out…but we won’t go into that).

Hopefully that answers your question, but if not, please include more specifics regarding the situation you encountered. Best of luck!


Ok , ill give a step example:

  1. I bring lvl 17 Suchotator
  2. Foe bring lvl 17 Einiasuchus
  3. Einiasuchus is faster 117 speed, Suchotator only have 116 speed.
  4. I use Instant Creeple, act first skill. It reduce Einiasuchus attack by 90%.
  5. Foe use Ferious Strike, rise Einiasuchis attack by 50%.
  6. Einiasuchu hit My Suchotaror and do 500 dmg aprox.
    The end…

Ok, if i do not use Instant creeple , the dmg should be 1200. So, if the math goes well, if i use Instant Creeple i should receive 120 dmg , not 500 dmg.

BTW the dmg its not critical.


Dino with 200 damage.
+50% damage attack 200 + 100 = 300

Instant cripple is -90%
200 - 90% = 20 damage

I think the game calculates buffs and nerfs independently
So what happens is

The instant cripple of the base damage 20 plus the buff amount from the base damage which is 100.
20 + 100 = 120 damage dealt.

Rather than the total amount including buff 300 reduced by 90% which equals 30 damage that people expect.

I’ve never calculated an in game example so maybe I’m completely wrong but that’s what I’m assuming is happening.

If this is true that’s why using stuff like instant cripple and pounce is so misleading against a buffed target. Although misleading it makes sense that the game could be coded this way.


That’s interesting…so Instant Cripple reduced Einiasuchus’s base attack by 90%, but because Einia increased its attack in the same turn, Instant Cripple was only able to reduce Einia’s attack by 40-50%? That could very well be what we’re seeing here.

So it’d look like something like this:

  1. Suchotator uses Instant Cripple.
  2. Einia’s attack reduced by 90% (total attack power 10%)
  3. Einia uses Ferocious Strike, increases attack (total attack power ~50%)
  4. Einia inflicts 500 damage to Suchotator.

If that’s right, then Instant Cripple only reduces damage by 90% if the opponent doesn’t use a power-up move (like Ferocious Strike) or doesn’t score a critical hit. I’d have to do more research to be sure…but that’s probably my best guess. It’s probably not a situation you’d encounter often, but if it happens more than 2-3 times, I’d recommend waiting to use Instant Cripple until Turn 2 when you anticipate that the Einia will use Stunning Impact.


I believe percentages are added rather applied in sequence when applied to a particular calculation e.g. attack damage
E.g. -90% + 50% = -40%, so damage is reduced by 40%, which is what the game appears to be doing.

In other words the attack does 60 rather than your expected 15% damage.

If you instead of reducing their power by 90% you were reducing your damage received then that would be applied in sequence so they would have only done 15%.

This is because the game calculates the attack power by adding all the attack power boosting and reducing percentages then adds all the protection percentages (shield and armour minus vunerability - I think vunerability is a negative defence rather than a boost to attack power for any dino attacking it) and applies this percent reduction to the damage


It’s not wrong math. It’s the way they handle debuf / buff since the beginning. A 90% de buff in one stat followed by an increase of 50% of thus same stat results in a 40 debuff of this stat.

It makes instant debuff less powerful against Dino that can increase their stats. It’s a matter of balance imo


@Ned Can you enlight us? Know How it is calculated? :grin:


For more information you can see an example here : I love my Suchotator! But I missed something


Ok, i agree. Thanks XD